6 Benefits of RVing for Adults +55

Have you always loved camping, sightseeing and the great outdoors? Are you looking for a fun and convenient way to see more of the US? If so, RV’ing may be for you. With your kids grown up and retirement fast approaching, taking to the road in an RV has many benefits.


With kids and limited time off work for vacationing, in the past you may have planned trips that minimized travel time. Now you have time to spend travelling, which means you can take your time planning an extended vacation, enjoy getting to your destination and see more things along the way through a relaxing road trip.

A Second Home

With an RV that is your own, you have the freedom to customize it to your liking. Most RVs are quite spacious and have room for you to make it your second home. Your RV can become the backdrop for many memories and will feel more personal and convenient than a hotel room or a bed and breakfast.


Although campgrounds are not the only option of places to stay in your RV, they are a popular one. Many RV parks are known for their welcoming and inclusive culture and their strong community.

You’ll find your fellow RVers share your sense of adventure and are keen to get to know you, share a meal, or sit around a campfire. Likewise, many campgrounds and RV resorts offer activities, programs, sports and recreational facilities to help you fill your time and enjoy your stay to the fullest.  


For seniors who want to travel, but must budget carefully in their retirement, RVing offers many affordable options. Compared to a cruise or all-inclusive resort, the RV lifestyle is much more affordable.

For anyone who is contemplating RVing, consider renting an RV first to ensure that it’s for you. Then, when it’s time to purchase your own RV, explore your options. If a new RV is not in your budget, consider purchasing a used one. Many of them are in near perfect condition and this route can save you a lot of money.

While you will need to consider maintenance and operational costs, being able to stay in your vehicle means eliminating the rising costs associated with staying in a hotel. You can also save money on food since you can cook in your vehicle rather than eating out for every meal (which is also much better for your health).


If you have always enjoyed camping but do not have the energy or man power to do all the work involved with setting up and taking down your tent and campsite, then try an RV. You’ll enjoy the same benefits that camping provides (like communing with nature, relaxing under the stars, and seeing new places). One of the greatest aspects of RVs is that everything is ready to go, just hop in the driver’s seat and head out on your next adventure whenever you feel like it!

Visiting family and friends

For people with friends, family, or kids who live across the country, an RV is an affordable option for visiting. If you have the time, then you can save on the cost of a plane ride and get more visits in throughout the year. You can park the RV in their driveway or stay at a nearby RV resort. This gives you some personal space, doesn’t put your hosts out and still allows you to spend lots of time together.

Having an RV is like having a mobile cottage. By purchasing an RV later in life, you are making an investment in the quality of your retirement, opening doors to travel and trying new things, while forming and maintaining relationships. What better time to hit the open road than after 55?

Any other benefits we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s All About the People at Riverside RV Resort in Arcadia, FL


When you find an RV park with the right mix of people, it’s hard to leave. That’s the sentiment at Riverside RV Resort and Campground in Arcadia, Florida. With 602 sites, this pet-friendly, close-knit community is a popular destination amongst RVers, especially Canadian snowbirds, many of whom have been wintering in the park since it first opened twenty years ago.

“We feel like we have found a small slice of ‘heaven’ at the Riverside RV Resort,” say Ben and Sandy Milburn, who are spending their tenth year at Riverside. “The most wonderful thing about this resort is the wonderful group of people that we have met here, who have become our snowbird family.”

Why do people come back to Riverside RV year after year? According to Sue Spalding, Riverside’s manager, the breathtaking scenery, beautiful landscape, top-notch amenities and fun activities help, but it’s really the strong sense of community that keeps people coming back. “The campers have really developed a winter community here. There is a camaraderie and helpfulness amongst our guests that you just won’t find elsewhere,” she says.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet in the Country

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ll find it here. Riverside RV Resort and IMG_0232Campground is located directly on the Peace River, which flows past the west side of Arcadia and southwest towards the tidewater at Punta Gorda.

Located northwest of DeSoto County and 44 miles (71 km) west of South Sarasota, Arcadia is a great spot to dig for fossilized shark teeth. In addition to shark tooth hunting, locals love to canoe, boat and fish on the Peace River.

Arcadia offers the low-key, slow pace of the country, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t lots to do during the winter months. The small town of about 8,000 hosts DeSoto County’s annual fair in January, which boasts a carnival-like atmosphere as well as livestock shows presented by local 4-H and FFA members, and in March the local rodeo association puts on a charity rodeo enjoyed by park and community members alike.

A Hidden Antique Town

Do you love antiquing? Arcadia has one of the largest groupings of antique dealers in the state of Florida, and they’re all conveniently located in the downtown area. Campers at Riverside RV look forward to the 4th Saturday Antique Fair, which is held each month from 8 am to 3 pm. Find the perfect treasures and knick knacks as gifts, for your RV, or to take back home.

A Community That’s Driven by Fun

Arcadia has lots to offer, but there’s lots going on in Riverside RV Resort and Campground too. With a large proportion of Canadian guests, particularly from Ontario and IMG_0078Nova Scotia, the campground hosts a Canadian party as well as a number of estate parties throughout the season.  Of course, in this close-knit community everyone is welcome and intermingles, and the name of the game is fun. That’s why, at Riverside all the Canadian regulars who were able to come back this year have made the trip. At a time when other RV parks are losing some of their Canadian bookings because of the politicized climate and Canadian dollar, Riverside’s Canadian community remains vibrant, Spalding says.

And with plenty of swimming pools, a picnic grove, and an activity centre, games room, table tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes and pickle ball courts why wouldn’t you come back? At Riverside RV there is never a dull moment – you can choose to enjoy the weekly entertainment, or take it easy at your own pace with a leisurely walk, relaxing boat ride or a day fishing on the water.

Breathtaking Views for All

Because Riverside RV is located directly on the Peace River, there’s a calm, relaxing vibe aIMG_0408t the park that keeps people coming back. It’s the pristine landscape and beautiful views that make Riverside special, Spalding says. In addition to the lull of river life, guests enjoy ponds with waterfalls and palm trees that host a wide variety of bird species, all located throughout the park, so that all guests can enjoy an amazing view, no matter which site they reserve.

A Fisherman’s Paradise

If you love fishing, then there’s no better way to spend your winter. Riverside offers fishing ponds (where you can try your luck with the bass), and direct access to the Peace River with brackish water (a mix of fresh water and salt water). The Peace River is home to snook, red fish, pike and blue gill. The park’s boat ramp offers direct access on and off the water, making it easy to spend the day fishing.

Riverside RV Resort and Campground in Arcadia, Florida has all the activities and amenities that you could ask for. But, the most surprising part of this park is that you may find a second home and a community that feels like family. It’s this close-knit community that keeps guests coming back year, after year to spend the winters with their snowbird family.

Interested in visiting Arcadia, Florida? Want to stay at Riverside RV Resort? Let us know in the comments below!

Meet Chris from Pioneer Village RV Resort in Fort Myers, Florida



  • Name: Christopher Engle
  • In position since: March 2016
  • Title: Resort Manager
  • Work Location: Pioneer Village RV Resort
  • Favorite Activity: Scuba Diving
  1. What does a typical day at Pioneer Village look like?

I complete any daily tasks and review findings from my morning inspection with maintenance and housekeeping. Then I follow up on any pending projects and run errands as necessary. I may also make another round through the resort inspecting projects or areas of concern. I try to be as thorough as possible to ensure everything is on track for our guests.

  1. What is your favorite moment of the day?

When I ride through my resort and see all the smiling faces of the people enjoying their time with us. That’s what keeps me motivated day in and day out.

  1. You are working, while people at the park are enjoying their vacation. How do you handle that?

It’s not a matter that needs “handling”. I take great pleasure in seeing others enjoy their vacation time, and am especially moved when myself, or my staff, can impact that in a positive way.

  1. When people ask you what the best experiences are in the surrounding areas, what would you recommend?

I recommend the visiting one of the nearby beaches, or if they’re an angler, fishing near one of the harbors close by. There are some ports where guests can book a casino cruise ship and enjoy the afternoon out on the water, or enjoy a night at the dinner theater in Ft. Myers. For those who love to shop, the Miromar Outlet Mall is less than a 30-minute drive from the community.

  1. After a few months at Pioneer Village, you might have some stories to tell. What’s your favorite one?

One of my residents had a fire that completely burned up their trailer. The resort community came together to help support them. Everyone brought new toys and clothes for their young boy and items for the family. To me, it showed how close everyone in the resort is with one another and really highlighted the exemplary character of the people who come and stay at Pioneer Village.

  1. What’s your best accomplishment so far at Pioneer Village?

I would say building and directing a wonderful team of employees that know how to offer the best experience in the industry is something I am very proud of. I was also happy to see that my efforts in getting a new floor installed in the clubhouse were successful.

  1. What brought you to Pioneer Village? We’ve heard that you have a special story with the park, tell us more!

Before applying for the position, I was working temporarily for the United Postal Service (UPS). Coincidently, the route I was given included Pioneer Village. At the time I thought what a lovely community it was and how enjoyable it must be for the residents here. Two months later I applied for a job with Encore, not knowing the location of the position I was applying for or that Pioneer Village was part of the system. Once the interviewing process was complete, I was asked if Pioneer Village was a resort I wanted to work at and to drive through it and see what I thought. I told them I knew it well and would be happy to step into my role there. You could say it was meant to be.

  1. A last word for your guests?

Come join us for a season of fun activities, new friendships, and to make new memories! We’ll treat you like family and make sure all of your needs are met. I’d also like to emphasize what a great social committee we have here; they are always coming up with new events and things to do that make each day a memorable time.

Until November 15, 2016, book a 3 month seasonal stay at Pioneer Village RV Resort and pay just $895/ month! To book, call 904-257-8434 and mention promo code EPV16

“I can’t imagine being any place else. It’s just wonderful here!”


Back in the early 2000s, Elizabeth Funke and her husband decided they’d like to try something a little different when it came to a winter getaway.

“We tried a few places and one day we drove through a park in Mercedes, TX.” said Elizabeth. “We were driving slowly around and people waved to us. We stopped to get a brochure and the people that had waved to us came up to us before we could even get in the building. They were welcoming us to park and wanted to know when we planned on coming to stay.”

Elizabeth was pleasantly surprised to find out the hospitable folk weren’t employees of the park, they were residents! “We were overwhelmed at being accepted so quickly,” she said. “They were very warm and welcoming. We decided to stay for a few weeks and see if that was really the way it was at Paradise South RV Resort.”

A week or two has since turned into over 13 years. The couple moved from a fifth wheel, to a park model home to a mobile home. Elizabeth’s husband passed away; however, she decided to stay because Paradise South was where her friends lived.jpage-encorerv-rgv-paradisesouthinterior-23

“I can hardly wait to get back every fall,” she said. “It’s a super area and the folks in the valley… well they are hard to describe. South Texas is different. The people are so thrilled that we are there. I can’t imagine being any place else. It’s just wonderful here.”

It’s not just the Paradise South residents, or the town folk that make the RV resort number one in Elizabeth’s eyes. The personnel play a big part in her staying in her winter home.

“I just love the outstanding staff at Paradise South. It’s typical of a lot of RV resorts to have transient workers that come and go. Many of the folks that work here have been here a long time and that’s important to seniors,” she said. “First of all, senior citizens are like children, but with life experiences. We know way too much and we still get into trouble. It takes special kinds of people to be able to deal with seniors.”

paradisesouth_swimmingpoolElizabeth speaks fondly of some of the office staff. “There are two ladies that we have in the office and they know what makes us tick. They are visible and accessible. They don’t just sit in the office. That’s one of the best things. They belong with us and that’s important. We never get the feeling that we are too much to deal with. They are friendly and not condescending at all.”

The residents of Paradise South don’t just stick to the resort. They are a very active bunch and are always up to something.

“We go to South Padre Island and we go to Rio Grande City,” explainedpicture-014 Elizabeth. “We go wherever there’s a good place to eat. There’s a lot of great activities in the valley too. The Rio Grande Valley has rodeos and horse shows and fiestas. There’s a live music and exhibits, bazaar days and so much more. We try to get out of the park enjoy the area just like the local folks.”

For those who wish to stay closer to home, Elizabeth has some words for you. “It’s your fault if you’re bored here! We have a board up in our hall that has 40 – 50 activities a week planned by our activity department.”

Paradise South RV Resort… it sounds a bit like one of those places where you come for a short time and stay for the long haul.

For a limited time, Paradise South is offering a 3 month seasonal stay for $1,314 USD. Book by 9/30/16 and valid until 5/1/17. Call 1-904-257-8434 to book today and mention promo code EBPS16

Discovering the Charms of Port Charlotte, Florida

Port Charlotte is located midway between Sarasota and Fort Myers, Florida, yet for all of its attractions it is frequently missed by Snowbirds heading south through the state.
That’s not unusual because in the last century railroads and highways missed it as well and it remained an area of farming and ranching. Development changed all of that and in 2015, Forbes listed Port Charlotte on the list of 25 best places to retire. The many RV parks attest to the fact that a large number of snowbirds now call Port Charlotte home, at least for the winter.

Possibly its location at the upper end of a long sheltered bay has a lot to do with its present popularity. The large number of gulf islands and miles and miles of quiet waterways provide abundant water activities for those interested. This estuary with a mix images2of freshwater and seawater is a top area for several varieties of fish just waiting for you to wet your line. This can be especially exciting if you join a chartered fishing vessel. The silent coves and peaceful waterways provide miles of enjoyable canoeing and paddling. If you are looking for rest and relaxation on white, sandy beaches, then the miles of beaches of the harbour, and the Gulf islands are sure to attract you.

These waters are ranked highly as top places to sail in Florida and many Snowbirds arrive with their own boats to spend the winter. The bay is wide and provides plenty of opportunity for the skilled, and unskilled sailors. There are several yacht clubs and many have sailing lessons available for the novice, or to teach new skills to the experienced sailors. The availability of sailing charters attracts a lot of visitors who don’t have a boat, but want to experience the lure of the open water while captained by experienced staff. Often a small group will charter a captained craft for a day, a weekend, or a week to explore the Gulf Islands and even farther away, southward into the Florida Keys.

Port Charlotte’s 20 golf courses are designed to keep you in town. Rolling green fairways, edged by sparkling blue water and punctuated with cleverly designed white sandy traps will certainly hone your skills. Enjoying a game in the sun, the gentle breezes softly blowing in your hair, and the memories of snowy fields left behind, is a major reason so many Canadians are spending the winter here.
Of course if you really want to slow down you can join the many visitors who know that images1Florida is a birders’ paradise. There are several wildlife management areas near Port Charlotte that are set aside to protect the birds. Thousands of acres of protected lands are there for you to enjoy. Some have winding trails suitable for slow drives through the cool pine forests and along the freshwater habitats. A host of environmental centres have interpretive walks along miles of carefully designed trails where you can spot the graceful hawks, or the many flitting smaller birds that spend the winters here.
You might like to finish off the day by relaxing while others do the work. The Charlotte Symphony orchestra’s 70 musicians present several concerts and highlight some of the major holidays with music. It’s a great place to be when they present their Christmas Pops coming forth with traditional carols and other great music heralding the season.
Do you like plays? There is always time to watch groups such as the Charlotte Players who are just one of the theatrical productions you can find in the area.
Nearby Punta Gorda has become a leader in the country as a top Mural Town. Twenty nine painted murals showcase the history of the town. Pick up, or download, a walking tour map through the streets and discover these beautiful murals. Find a place to sit and relax as you marvel at the artist’s skill in re-creating memories of Punta Gorda’s past. It doesn’t hurt either if the place you find to sit is at a rustic, shaded sidewalk café.
The area is also known for the diverse art galleries. Their art is not confined to canvas.

images4Many visitors drop in to see driftwood carvings, or art with seashells. These artists have so many novel ideas in creating objects that are one of a kind. Whether you are looking for oil paintings, sculptures, ornate jewellery, or beautiful vases and pots, you are sure to find them.
Shopping for some is a well honed skill, and the Port Charlotte Town Centre has more than 100 stores in which to practise those skills. Places to eat too! Port Charlotte’s huge variety of restaurants cater to the wishes of the winter visitor. You may want to go with the southern style barbecued foods, or the exotic food from some distant lands, but you’ll certainly be stopping at one of the seafront diners for a wide choice of fresh seafood.

Snowbirds are usually looking for a place with a warm, relaxing atmosphere to spend the winter. They also want the opportunities to be there for more strenuous activities. So whether it’s miles of quiet beaches, sailing, golf, or shopping, Port Charlotte has it all.

Yuma, Arizona – A Snowbird’s Best Kept Secret


Yuma, AZ, is an oasis in the middle of the Sonoran Desert that attracts visitors from all over the United States and Canada. Nestled in the southwest corner of Arizona between the Yuma and Gila valleys, the city lies just west of the Gila and Colorado River confluence. The warm climate, the endless sunshine, and the close proximity to Mexico makes Yuma feel like a snowbird’s best kept secret.

Yuma is the sunniest place in the United States. With 90% sunshine year round and temperatures that rarely drop below 25℃, Yuma claims the record for most hours of yearly sun by the Guinness Book of World Records. But it’s not just the record sun and warmth that keeps Canadians coming back here – Yuma’s close proximity to Mexico offers visitors the opportunity to experience authentic Mexican and southwestern culture.

With such a perfect desert climate, Yuma is also the date capital of the world and the largest date processing center in the world is located in Yuma. The dry, desert heat, also makes Yuma a prime location for outdoor events, like the Tunes & Taco Festival in April, the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival in November, and the Somerton Tamale Festival in December.

poolTableIn addition to its desirable climate and plethora of cultural activities, many think of Yuma, AZ as a bypass on the way from Phoenix, AZ to San Diego, CA, but Yuma is so much more than just a rest stop. With endless desert activities, perpetual sunshine, and a thriving cultural scene, many Canucks are taking up residence at one of Yuma’s many affordable RV sites that Encore RV Resorts offer in this region. With a variety of resorts offering unique amenities and community sizes, you can escape the winter cold for the sunniest place on Earth no matter what lifestyle you like. Encore RV resorts like Desert Paradise RV Resort and Foothill Village RV Resort, have the same convenient amenities as other larger resorts such as fitness centers, pools, hiking and biking trails, and game rooms. And with a smaller community of residents, it’s easy to make new friends and be as active or relaxed as you want.

At the larger Yuma RV resorts such as Araby Acres and Cactus Gardens, residents have the opportunity to take up short or long term residence at hundreds of different sites and acres upon acres of activities to maintain an active lifestyle. Scenic roadways, friendly atmosphere, and a calendar chock full of entertainment and group activities, there is no shortage of beautiful desert scenery and space to enjoy everything Yuma has to lakeoffer. The nearby Colorado River and Imperial Dam give residents great opportunities for fishing and boating, two of the many activities that Encore guests frequently enjoy. Heading out for a day trip across the border? The convenient location of Capri RV Resort provides guests endless opportunities to experience authentic Mexican culture and still be close to the comforts of home. The Yuma Arts Center, downtown farmer’s market, and casinos are also close by to all seven Encore RV resorts.

No matter which Encore RV Resort you stay at, you are no more than 20 to 30 minutes from the West Wetlands Park, which sits on the northwest edge of Yuma along the Colorado River. This 110-acre public park features a Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden, an Owl Habitat, equestrian trails, disc-golf courses, picnic tables, boating opportunities and more. Not too far from the West Wetlands Park is the famous Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park where visitors can walk through actual cells and solitary chambers of Arizona Territory’s first prison. Visitors can view photographs and exhibits of those who were incarcerated here for the 33 years that the prison was in operation. In fact, there were inmates who were imprisoned here and also helped to build the prison itself. In cooperation with the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park, the Prison holds activities every February to coincide with Yuma Crossing Day, a day mean to highlight the historical eras of Yuma’s past, from the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s to the mid-1900s through living history re-enactments.

curlingWhether you’re looking for a smaller RV resort with those big amenities, or because you want to be within close proximity to casinos and outdoor activities, Encore RV resorts in Yuma are a snowbird’s paradise.

Encore RV resorts are currently offering a 3 month stay special in a standard RV site for ONLY $1,416 at Capri RV Resort. This offer is valid until 4/30/17. Book by 8/31/16. Call 904-257-8434 to book today and mention promo code EBYUMA16.

“Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort is a great place to stay”

My wife and I are snowbirds from Canada and we love being Thousand Trails RV Campgrounds members. We take full advantage of the fact they have a reciprocal arrangement with Encore RV Resorts. It was through them we gained access to Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort, with over 1,250 sites on 287 acres in the heart of Lake County near Orlando. The seasonal rates here are quite affordable and Thousand Trails members can use Clerbrook as an alternate to Orlando under their membership.

Friendly People

The best part about staying at Clerbrook is the staff and the fellow campers The staff here is always cheerful. The manager and maintenance staff usually wave when they see guests and they are all very helpful. The people who camp here are friendly and welcoming. We arrived as short stay campers and were accepted by everyone. During our stay we got to take part in several activities and meet other people.

Golf and So Much More


Clerbrook is a classic Encore RV park that makes snowbirds feel right at home. Clerbrook is situated around all 18 holes of the Clerbrook Golf Club. This is a great course with rolling fairways and greens, set against the backdrop of a nature preserves and lakes. Golfers love it here; but if you aren’t a golfer, there’s still lots to see and do.

We loved the wide range of programs and social events they have. They had everything we needed including heated swimming pools, hot tubs, rec hall, BBQ and picnic areas, a billiard room and card rooms. On top of that there’s a fishing area, a fitness center, horse shoe pits and nature walks. We loved the card games including Texas Hold ‘em Poker and Bridge. There’s arts and crafts too, if you feel so inclined. They sometimes bring in name entertainment acts and they hold several events here. Oh, and it’s also pet friendly.

Places to Go NearbyTL-Shuffleboard-Courts

The great thing about Clerbrook RV is that it has so much going on around it as well. For golfers, there are several other course nearby. Clermont is about a half hour drive from Disney World and Universal Studios. It’s also near Sea World and Hollywood Studios. There’s lots to see and do with great shopping, restaurants and cinemas nearby. Wine lovers can head down the highway to Lakeridge Winery for free tastings and a tour. They have a summer music series that is free as well. The hot weather here makes it perfect for growing Muscadine grape varieties. You’ll have to taste for yourself and find out which ones you like. We thought the Proprietor’s Reserve was a world class dessert wine.

Day Trips

Orlando and Tampa are close enough for a day trip from Clerbrook RV. Baseball fans will love that there are several spring training venues nearby. Drive 75 minutes east to the Atlantic Ocean, Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. Or head west for 90 minutes to the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge and Pine Island on the Gulf coast. There are literally dozens and dozens of lakes in the area, so there’s plenty of places to go fishing and then head back at night to tell your fish stories.

Wi-Fi and TV

When it comes to Wi-Fi, they have a reasonably fast hotspot here and it is worth the small cost. I do recommend an exterior antenna to maximize your connection. You can get several stations with decent reception over the air TV from Orlando

We’ll Be Back!

From our experience, Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort is a great place to stay. If you don’t have an RV, you can rent one of their furnished onsite rentals. We look forward to our next visit here.

Explore Tucson from the comfort of the Voyager RV Resort

NA59TJ_still_s46 (1)

Snowbirds who have dreamed of spending time in the Tucson, Arizona, area will appreciate a chance to visit the Voyager RV Resort, part of the friendly network of Encore RV Resorts. When you first drive into the park you will be struck by the towering palms, and the profusion of cacti gardens that edge the buildings and RV sites. In the distance is the calming view of the jagged mountains rearing their peaks above the city.

The Southwestern states have unique scenery. No matter where you drive there are purple mountains on the horizons begging you to explore more closely. In the evening and
_15A7164 (1)early morning, the sun paints them with stunning ever-changing colours. However, when a desert sunset flames the clouds with brilliant reds, yellows, and finally fades to lighter pastels, you know this is the place for you.

Tucson’s attractions include drives through Saguaro National Park. Forests of saguaro cacti will amaze you as they stand as sentinels over the desert. They are home to numerous singing birds, cactus wrens, Gila woodpeckers and owls. Nearby is the site of Old Tucson Studio where many top notch western movies were filmed. To visit here is to re-live history. To the west you can visit the Kitt Peak Visitor Centre and learn about the huge array of optical and radio telescopes on the mountain. The twisting drive up to the top is a wonderful drive full of long vistas across the Arizona deserts. The Desert Museum provides two miles of paths and a wide variety of plants and animals. A favourite with many people is the short drive to Picacho Peak State Park.

The Voyager RV Resort isn’t just about the scenery. It’s all about having a great time, whether you just want to sit and relax, or join into some of the many activities offered.  The lately upgraded pool and spa will provide the relaxation. Soak a few of the aches away in the spa before heading over to do a few laps in the pool, or just laze away in the pool before settling into one of the deck chairs.

_15A6961 (1)

The five volleyball courts can provide some room for fast and furious exercise and you can top it all off with a visit to the fitness centre. There’s no lack of things to do. There are twelve pickleball courts, four new bocce ball courts, and the long paved roads are perfect for bicycle riding. The nine hole par three course, backdropped by the purple mountains can provide some walking exercise.

Craft workers will look forward to spending time in the well outfitted wood shop, or perhaps the silver shop. Are you good at acrylic painting, creating fired ceramic objects, or making decorative jewellery from stones, minerals, or gems? Opportunities abound to show your creativity in this RV resort. The library is available for quiet reads before, perhaps heading to one of the card rooms to show off your skills.

_15A6930 (1)The Voyager Bar & Grill is available for filling that hungry spot whether you had a hard day of exercise, or you’ve just wakened and want a special breakfast. If you are thinking of a big party, the 5700 sq. ft. Ballroom can host your meetings or your weddings. Then there is the smaller Catalina Room, stage, dance floor,
and 125 seats, or the Arizona Room, just right for smaller parties, or meetings.

There is a Health Centre clinic to provide high quality health care so important for seniors, such as foot care, injections, and several other important services. A Physical Therapy clinic is also there for rehabilitation services and balance and fall prevention programmes. The Therapeutic Massage centre also uses acupuncture and other wellness programmes.

The park has a mixture of homes, park models and RV sites. The 600 full hookup RV sites will fit any RV and still give you room to sit outside under your awning in comfort.

In the words of Pam Stone, a resident since 2005, “I enjoy the beauty of a well maintained and attractively landscaped park. We share a “small town” community environment close to the conveniences of the City of Tucson.  There is a closeness among all of our residents…positive attitudes, friendliness and sincere caring for everyone. Golf-new

You can be busy from morning to night doing things like learning Spanish or memoir writing to creating works of art in our silver shop or stained glass shop. We have over 300 activities ranging from sporting events like pickleball, tennis and shuffleboard to card
games, quilting and exercise groups.  There is also a wide range of entertainment including potlucks dinners, a variety of dances, dinner shows and outside musical entertainers.”

Now is a good time to make arrangements with the park. Until August 31, they are offering US$75 off a stay of 3 months or more. Just mention promo code EVOY16. Valid until March 31, 2017. Call 877-570-2267 to book now. Also, for Thousand Trails members they are offering a US$499 month plus tax and utilities, which is 10% off the retail rate through August 31, 2016. Don’t know about the Thousand Trails Camping Pass? Visit www.thousandtrails.com to learn more.

Getaway Destination: Harbor Lakes RV in Port Charlotte, Fl


For years, snowbirds have been heading south to Florida for the winter in search of tropical breezes, year-round sunshine, and the leisurely lifestyle of the south. Port Charlotte, a beautiful coastal destination for ecotourism, restaurants, and boating, is a popular harbor community for snowbirds from all over. Whether they come here for the abundant fishing, the world class golfing, or outstanding birdwatching, Port Charlotte is a snowbird’s top choice for a vacation, a seasonal stay, or a permanent move to paradise. Dreaming of a tropical wonderland away from it all? Consider the lively Encore community, Harbor Lakes RV Resort, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Sail, Golf, Fish, and Play in Port Charlotte!

Port Charlotte enjoys over 260 days of sunlight per year. The mild winter climate is a well-received relief for Canadians as the region experiences an average low of around 20℃. The winter months are typically dry compared to high rate of snowfall in Canada in the winter. All the great weather gives Port Charlotte visitors and residents endless opportunities to experience their favorite outdoor activities.

Port Charlotte is also a very popular sailing destination. Boating enthusiasts from all over the world come here to dock their boats in the Charlotte Harbor. Port Charlotte has previously been featured in SAIL magazine as one of 10 “Greatest Places to Sail.” Port Charlotte’s proximity provides access to more than 165 miles of waterways, giving way to Charlotte Harbor, the Gulf of Mexico, and plenty of miles of natural shoreline on the Charlotte Harbor and the Peace and Myakka rivers. Not only is Port Charlotte known for it’s pristine beauty along the Charlotte Harbor, this community boasts seven out of the 21 golf courses that are located in Charlotte County. In the springtime, the Tampa Bay Rays visit the Charlotte Sports Park for two weeks of spring training and baseball fans flock to the city as well.

Harbor Lakes RV Resort – A Tropical Paradise on the Gulf

Harbor Lakes RV Resort offers a peaceful retreat for anyone looking for a relaxed getaway on the beach. This Encore property offers a variety of accommodations including spacious lots and hook ups for your RV that provide ample space for privacy. The wide, smoothly paved roads will make backing your RV into a spot a breeze. One and two bedroom park models here are equipped with all of the creature comforts that you would expect in a well-stocked home, as most units have queen-sized bedrooms, pull-out sofas, microwaves, utensils, coffee makers, televisions, wifi access, and fresh linens. The on-site laundry room and mail service make living here even easier. Don’t hesitate to ask about pet-friendly vacancies! Your pooch can enjoy a tropical vacation too at Harbor Lakes RV Resort. The Harbor Lakes staff is a friendly bunch and also organizes fun community activities like member appreciation social hours with coffee and treats, or karaoke in the evenings where you can bond with your fellow neighbors. Guests can play tennis on one of our pristine courts, take a dip in our pool, bike along palm-tree lined roads or join in on a shuffleboard tournament. Harbor Lakes RV Resort is just a short drive to the beach and to the Port Charlotte Town Center for shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

If you’re dreaming of an awesome vacation or packing up the RV for a new start, stop dreaming and make a reservation today! For a limited time, returning seasonal guests of Harbor Lakes RV Resort will receive $175 off their 3-6 month stay on all standard RV sites! Book by 8/31/16 and valid until 4/30/17. 

Be sure to visit rvonthego.com or call 877-570-2267 (Parlez-vous Français? 888-450-6885) to book your stay today!