Why Ontario’s Snowbirds Flock to Florida RV Resorts

Every year hundreds of thousands of Canadians winter on the southern side of the border. They’ll go to Texas, Arizona, California, or even fly to Hawaii. But Florida remains the most popular destination, with half a million Canadians spending at least a month in the sunshine state each year.

Florida’s the closest snowbird destination to Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. Daytona Beach is practically a straight shot south from Toronto, but, with so many Canadians making Florida their winter home, you’re right to assume the draw is more than just climate and convenience.

So recent retirees take note! Here’s why the Florida lifestyle appeals to so many Ontarians.

Better Health

A survey of Florida’s snowbirds suggests that they’re more satisfied with their health than their non-migratory peers. There are a few reasons why this might be. In Florida, Canadian snowbirds are:

  •         Safe from winter hazards
  •         Able to lead more active lifestyles
  •         Less likely to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Safety: As you get older the risks associated with common winter hazards like ice become greater. Leaving ice and snow behind let’s snowbirds avoid these risks, and leave the potential long term consequences of a fall behind.

Active Lifestyles: The risk of falls stop many retirees from participating in winter sports, which makes maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle more challenging during the winter months. In Florida snowbirds can continue enjoying their favourite warm weather pastimes (like golf and fishing) all year round.

RV resorts catering to snowbirds encourage active lifestyles by providing exercise facilities and pools. More importantly, RV resorts provide a community where guests can meet to play volleyball, shuffleboard, or enjoy any number of activities.

Even a simple walk along the beach is beneficial to Canadian snowbirds. Walking in sand requires more energy than walking along a hard surface, is easier on your joints, and is a relaxing way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Those suffering from SAD experience depression during the shorter months of the year. It’s believed this depression is the result of a lack of sunlight. So Florida’s perennial sunshine can provide a significant boost to mental health.


For most Canadian snowbirds an RV is a second home, which is why many visit the same RV resort year after year – it becomes like a second family. In fact, many larger RV communities appear and disappear with the season —hence the name “snowbirds”.

These strong relationships, built on shared interests and circumstances, are one of the most compelling reasons for snowbirds to visit Florida every year. It’s great to look forward to playing a round at your favourite Golf and RV Resort, but it’s even better when you know some of your closest friends will be there waiting for you.

Keeping Ties to Home

With the healthy lifestyle, idyllic weather, like-minded people, and plethora activities it’s fair to ask: why don’t these Ontarians just move down to Florida permanently? In fact, there are lots of reasons to maintain your primary residence in Canada.

The main reason is family. Even though it’s tempting to move south after retiring, many snowbirds keep their Canadian residences so they can continue to have a close relationship with their extended families. Sometimes families will even travel down to visit snowbirds during the winter months.

Another serious concern for Canadian snowbirds is healthcare. By limiting their stay in the United States snowbirds are able to benefit from Canada’s universal healthcare system. However, this works best for routine healthcare. Most snowbirds invest in health insurance coverage during their stay in the United States in case anything should happen while wintering down south.


Snowbirds, especially those with RVs love having the freedom to explore and try new things. Florida has opportunities to pursue classic pastimes like relaxing on the beach and working on your golf game. But it also has the rugged beauty of the everglades and culturally rich metropolitan areas, like Miami.

In Florida snowbirds grow to become a part of a larger community, a community that encourages good health and good times. So, no matter how big or small your adventure, whether it’s exploring on the open road, or trying a new game, Florida’s RV resorts are a perfect starting point.

Let us know if we missed any other reasons in the comments below!

Snowbirds, Come Warm Your Soul in Southern California!

Southern California is the place to visit when winter’s cold blanket covers the ground. Southern California has warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. In the middle of winter temperatures range from 14-22C (57-72F) with an average temperature of 20C (68F). Imagine waking each day to beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures while you enjoy a breakfast of fresh strawberries, grapefruit and avocado. Did you know there are over 500 varieties of avocado! Eight of them are grown right here.

Adventure Awaits!

With two major city centers – Los Angeles and San Diego – Southern California has an excess of exciting things to offer. Whether you’re a history buff, an exotic animal lover, a connoisseur of world class wines, or on the hunt for celebrity autographs, your days will be filled!

Los Angeles Area

Have your camera ready when you visit Tinsel Town. Be sure to check out the Walk of Fame, which has immortalized more than 2,400 celebrities. Shop till you drop on Rodeo Drive. Take a walk on Venice Beach. Let the child within come out to play and plan a Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm adventure.

For a change of pace, be sure to quench your thirst at one of the many spectacular wineries in the region. Malibu Wine Safaris offers guests the opportunity to tour its 404 hectare (1,000 acre) Saddlerock Ranch and Vineyard in an open jeep, meeting camels, zebras, and even a celebrity giraffe!

San Diego Area

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! The San Diego Zoo is home to more than 3,700 animals, both exotic and domestic. The city has over 90 museums, filled with various exhibits of interest. View the city in a different way. . . take a boat tour with one of the many great companies in the area or hop on the Old Town Trolley.

When it’s time to switch up the pace a bit, visit one of the area’s incredible wineries. From second generation winemakers to organically farmed grapes, the award-winning wines produced by these wineries are sure to please your palate.

Pull in and Relax

There are several RV Resorts to choose from in this area. Some are high in the mountains, others are under palm trees and beside fish canals. Choose from being close to major centers or getting your fill of Mother Nature.

Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

Not far from Los Angeles (123 km/76 mi) is Wilderness Lakes RV Resort. You’ll love the fishing canals that weave their wave through the 80-acre park. Temperatures here are very mild in the winter and there are about 20 golf courses nearby, several within a 20-minute drive of the park. When you want to dine out, or have fun shopping, head over to Old Town Temecula, about 25 minutes away. The Pechanga Resort and Casino is a 30-minute drive miles south of the resort. It’s the largest gambling casino in the state with tons of gaming fun, dining and entertainment.

Idyllwild RV Resort

With an elevation of over 2,133 m (7,000 ft) this is a true four seasons resort. Nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, Idyllwild RV Resort lies halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, about 175 km (110 mi) in either direction. They have great cabins to rent,
should you decide to leave the RV at home for this trip.

Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort

Cathedral City, California, affectionately known as Cat City, is home to Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort. This is an age-qualified resort with stunning mountain view of the San Jacinto and Santa Rose Mountain ranges. Guests can even visit the burial site of the
great Frank Sinatra. This resort in halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, just outside of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs RV Camping

Imagine waking up, stepping outside and being surrounded by over 800 date palms on a 25-acre preserve. That’s what you’ll find at Palm Springs RV Camping. This is it – the heart of world famous golf country. This expansive desert community is near Joshua Tree National Park, the Living Desert Wildlife and Botanical Preserve and lots more great attractions. Take the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway up 2,440 m (8,000 ft) to the peak of Mt.
San Jacinto and take in the breathtaking views.

Oakzanita Springs RV Camping

Bring your RV for all season enjoyment. This resort has an elevations of 1,220 m (4,000 ft) in the heart of the mountains. In the winter the facilities and spa as well as RV camping amenities are open. In the warmer months, enjoying hiking in the mountains and fishing in nearby lakes. It’s only 63 km (40 mi) from San Diego to Oakzanita Springs.

Pio Pico RV Resort and Campground

This full-service, year-round resort is located a mere 30.5 km (19 mi) south of San Diego. Make this your home base and you are close to the zoo, museums and Sea World. And, you’re only 20 minutes from Mexico. Escape the rush of the city and relax in the quite of nature at Pio Pico.

No matter which park you choose, which cities or parks you explore, you are sure to take home precious memories of your time in Southern California.


Interested in visiting Southern California? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 16 Achievements in 2016 – Texas RV Resorts

In order to ensure an amazing customer experience for the region’s Winter Texans, Team Texas worked diligently to improve all aspects of its RV resorts in 2016.

To express our appreciation of such hard work, we’ve compiled a list of the top 16 Texas achievements that made us proud. These successes ranged from property upgrades to the annual Encore Inter Resort Games, while even witnessing the rise in popularity of RC cars! 

1/ Victoria Palms RV Resort (City: Donna, TX). Received the prestigious “Official Best of Texas” award as the Best Age-Qualified RV Resort in the state. The RV property recently replaced its 11,000 sq. ft. ballroom floor with new maple wood flooring, and will be ready to host activities and concerts throughout the winter season.


2/ Sunshine RV Resort (City: Harlingen, TX). Added three new indoor pickleball courts to its portfolio of amenities, as well as a two petanque courts.

Sunshine Pickleball

3/ Lake Conroe RV & Camping Resort (City: Willis, TX).  Added 33 new homes – a mix of 2-3 bedrooms. Also, this beautiful property underwent several property improvements, including upgrading its swimming pool.

Lake COnroe 2

4/ Encore Inter Resort Games. All ten Encore RV resorts in South Texas created and participated in an Olympic style competition amongst one another. 500+ residents competed in 15 games including pickleball, shuffleboard, darts, swimming, billiards, bridge, and bocce ball just to name a few. This annual competition has been going on for about eight years, with Fun-N-Sun RV Resort taking home the trophy last season.


5/ RC Cars are Getting Very Popular. Added four more remote controlled car tracks in the region, growing from one track to five now. Tropic Winds, Fun-N-Sun, Victoria Palms, Country Sunshine, and Alamo Palms all have tracks for RC car enthusiasts to enjoy and compete.


6/ Rallies, Festival and Trade Shows in the US & Canada. During 2016, our team attended over 50 events all over Canada and the US in order to promote South Texas and other Sunbelt destinations. If you attended a major RV show, you might have met our very friendly and resourceful colleagues.


7/ More Canadian guests flocked to South Texas. Throughout 2016, we are extremely pleased to notice a growing number of Canadians who choose to spend their vacation in South Texas. 21% more Canadians stayed with us than the prior year, and we love it!

Canadians More flocking

8/ Medina Lake RV Campground (City: Lakehills, TX). Built 2 boat docks for guests to enjoy a variety of water activities such as fishing, boating and kayaking.

9/ Conferences & Seminars in Canada. During 2016, our very own Team Canada promoted our South Texas properties at 22 conferences and seminars across Canada such as Montreal, Quebec City, Hamilton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver.


10/ Fun-N-Sun RV Resort (City: San Benito, TX). Added two great amenities, including four indoor pickleball courts and by popular demand, an RC track and RC airplane field.

Fun N Sun Rc Plane

11/ Tropic Winds & Fun-N-Sun RV Resorts (Cities: Harlingen & San Benito, TX). Very proud to share that the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence has been Awarded for 2016 to these two amazing South Texas RV resorts.

12/ Lakewood RV Resort (City: Harlingen, TX). Replaced its 8,000 sq. ft. ballroom floor with new maple wood flooring, perfect for our square dancing and line dancing enthusiasts. The new ballroom floor also hosts two indoor pickleball courts.

Lakewood Floor2

13/ Paradise Park & Tropic Winds RV Resorts (City: Harlingen, TX). Paradise Park added a new 800 sq. ft. craft shop as well as two bocce ball courts for all to enjoy. Tropic Winds also resurfaced its interior roadways so that guests are greeted by smooth streets when they pull in.

Paradise Park Bocce

14/ Southern Comfort RV Resort (City: Weslaco, TX). Re-plastered its pool, giving it a new, vibrant look.

15/ Paradise South RV Resort (City: Mercedes, TX). Replaced the popular bingo system at the resort with a new system, ensuring games for the whole season.

16/ Winter Concert Series (Rio Grande Valley, TX).  Guests were able to enjoy a concert series at five South Texas RV Resorts, including Victoria Palms, Fun-N-Sun, Sunshine RV, Southern Comfort, and Country Sunshine. Performers included Dec 63, Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, Rhinestone Country, The Three International Tenors, Motown Magic, and The Orbison Years.

Meet Terry from Victoria Palms RV Resort in Donna, TX


Name: Terry Goss
In position since: December 2014
Title: Resort Manager
Work Location: Victoria Palms RV Resort
Favorite Activities: Sitting around a campfire (yes it’s true)

1. How does a typical day at Victoria Palms look like?  What is your favorite moment of the day?

Believe it or not, we start the day by baking cookies. We have become known for having warm, fresh baked cookies waiting for our guests as they arrive. It’s a small token of our appreciation for our customers when they arrive, often after a long time behind the wheel. From there it’s off to tour the property to make sure everything is ship shape and everyone is ready for the day. That’s the fun part. After that I move into running the daily reports, reading and responding to emails, and digesting our online presence and reviews. All that being said, my favorite time of the day is when I get to socialize with guests, old and new, and hear about their travels, their family and what their “other” home is like. It’s really a pretty good gig.

2. You are working, while people at the resort are enjoying their vacation. How do you handle that?

Here at Victoria Palms I am both a manager and a cheer leader. Of course I can’t be everywhere, all the time, but I try my best to be a vibrant part of the community. Even when I can’t stay for an entire event, I am very likely to stop by and cheer on the contestants. I love being around fun loving, happy people, and this position gives me lots of opportunity. I am the first one on the dance floor, love anything where there is food, and was the runner up in last year’s belly flop contest. You just can’t be at a place like Victoria Palms and not have fun.

3. When people ask you what the best experiences are in the surrounding areas, what would you recommend?

The area around Victoria Palms has something for everyone. We are less than an hour away from the best beach in Texas with lots of entertainment and great eats. We are on the migratory path for both birds and butterflies and are one of the premier places to see them in the entire United States. We have some truly incredible shopping with an international flair. For even more fun, we can cross into Mexico for great shopping, food, drinks and services. Of course we have a zoo, museums, theaters, and every restaurant chain known to man. But my absolute favorite thing here in the valley, as we call it, are the little mom and pop restaurants. Not only is the food incredible (and very reasonably priced), but when was the last time the owner came to sit with you on your second visit, and actually remembered your name and what you like to eat. Just incredible!

4. What’s your favorite story to tell about your time at Victoria Palms?

I believe that all of the employees at Victoria Palm are a team and each has a significant role in delivering guest satisfaction. I expect that everyone will pick up whatever task is required, even if it is not considered in their job description. That goes for me as well. Last year we were getting ready to do some street repairs. We were using fresh, hot asphalt which has a very limited time on a truck before it cools off and is no longer usable. The day our asphalt arrived we had one of our maintenance team get hurt and another go home sick. So I jumped into some old jeans, slipped on a pair of work boots and some gloves, and jumped in the truck to help pick up the slack. What makes this special is not what I did, rather it was the looks I received from residents and guests as they saw me working in that truck. I have to say I had more pictures taken that day than any time in my life. It was almost like being a rock star followed by paparazzi. It was hard work but we got the job done and I gained a story to recount.

5. What’s your best accomplishment so far at the resort?

I would like to believe that I have had an impact at Victoria Palms in a lot of areas, but I think the most significant is in communications. Not everyone is comfortable being in front of people or starting conversations with strangers. That can leave some people feeling like they aren’t appreciated or respected. I have always made it a point to make the operation of the resort an open book. I don’t dodge questions and do my best to always provide an honest answer. Sometimes that answer is “no”, but when that’s the truth, anything less is misleading. As well I have expanded the modes of communication here at Victoria Palms. We had a great newsletter here when I arrived, but I thought we could do more. We now have a new website dedicated to events and activities (www.vpractivities.com), I do monthly “Town Hall” meetings which I record and post to YouTube. This enables our residents who are not here at the time of a meeting to still get all the information and not miss anything. I believe strongly in open and honest communications and think our residents and guests really appreciate that.

6. If had to describe your RV park to someone who thinks about coming to Victoria Palms, what would you say?

Picture a fine resort with every conceivable amenity, or a cruise ship where the activities seem to never stop. If you are an RV’er, picture wide, paved and lighted streets where maneuvering your rig is easy and the sites are all concrete with full hook-ups. If you are looking for a permanent winter or year around home picture well manicured yards, lush plantings, beautiful flowers and grass. Envision neat homes (each unique) which exude a feeling of community and safety. If you like to dance, dream about multiple live bands every week, where you can dance the night away on one of the largest and most beautiful dance floors in the valley. Or join in some of our dance lessons; line, ballroom, country, round. If you are a crafter then this must be paradise. Woodworking in our supersized woodshop, firing your pottery in one of our 5 kilns, stained glass, painting, sewing and quilting, wood carving, and the list goes on and on. If you are of the sports type we can keep you pretty busy there too. From racing remote control trucks to bocce ball, petanque, horseshoes, shuffleboard, pickle ball, tennis, cycling, swimming, water volleyball, etc. Are you starting to get the picture? Victoria Palms is incredible and you can do as much or as little as you desire.

7. What brought you to Victoria Palms?

Truthfully I came to Victoria Palms quite by accident. I had previously managed large resorts and honestly was looking for something with a little slower pace. I actually applied for a position at a smaller Thousand Trails park that was somewhat off the beaten path and very rustic. Remember one of my favorite pastimes is sitting by a campfire. As I was being interviewed the question I kept being asked was why I wanted that position, and was I really sure I could be happy there. In the end the interviewer convinced me to come see Victoria Palms. When I visited it completely knocked my socks off. I was instantly in love. As a resort manager I get to live in the resort, and I knew this was a place I could really feel at home. I was hired to manage it and have never looked back. It has been a complete labor of love.

8. Any last words for your current and future guests?

If this hasn’t given you a vision of what life is like at Victoria Palms, then you simply need to come see it for yourself. Come spend a week with us and I will personally make sure you see it all. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Come join me in paradise under the palms.

Discover the Top 8 RV Essentials!

seniorRVCouple (1)

There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there for RV vacations, but we’ve put together a list of the most basic of RV essentials for those who are just getting started.
RVs are an amazing way to vacation.

With transport and accommodation combined comes a whole host of great benefits – freedom, flexibility, adventure, affordability and more. Of course, they also require a bit of insider knowledge. If you’re new to it, or are renting, it can be a little overwhelming – so we’ve put together a list of RV must-haves to get you started on your journey! Adding these simple, invaluable items to your packing list will have you road tripping like a pro in no time.

1. A First Aid Kit

We’re off to a fairly obvious start, but a kit of basic medical supplies is important. The kit should include all of the usual supplies, plus any special individual requirements like an epipen. If you’re heading to more remote areas, you might want to include a few survival items: emergency blanket, snacks, maybe even flares.

2. Non-slip matting

This has no end of uses in an RV. Bring pre-cut mats or a roll of material, and a scissors to cut them to size so you can give multiple surfaces the non-slip treatment. Where should you put it? Anywhere you might want to leave loose items: shelves, cupboards, tables, benches.

3. Dust pan and brush

There’s not much worse than a big mess in a small space! With so much flow between indoors and outdoors, an RV’s floors get dirty quickly. Hauling the vacuum out is bothersome but a dust pan and brush is perfect for spot cleaning.

4. Flashlight (and spare batteries)

Bring one for each person, so everyone can keep it within reach for night-time toilet trips. Not only does it light your path outside, it also lets you get out without waking everybody else by turning on the lights. A lantern might come in handy too, for al fresco dining and socializing.

5. Clothesline

A place to dry your wet things is essential camping equipment. You won’t want damp clothing spread out inside, so take any opportunity to get them out in the sun and air. There are some very advanced contraptions available, but a piece of rope is simple, effective and easy to fit into your luggage.

6. A GPS

Getting lost can be a bit of an adventure when you have no other plans, but if you have made any kind of bookings, it’s a pain. Phones are useful on short local trips, but if you are going anywhere remote or heading overseas, a GPS is definitely the way to go.

7. Games

Evenings in the RV are the perfect opportunity for some friendly competition. A TV is very much an optional extra, but a pack of cards could be considered an essential. Avoid games with many small pieces that could get misplaced and stick to the basics – charades is a good one that requires no gear.

8. A camera

The experiences and the memories they create are the best part of an RV trip, and you will certainly want to record a few of them. For some people, a smartphone will do. Others might feel the need to bring an SLR and a GoPro too. Whatever your photography preferences, make sure you don’t forget a camera!

Did we miss anything? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Story courtesy of Snowbirds & RV Travelers Magazine

Explore Washington and the Pacific Northwest in your RV


You don’t have to travel too far south to find the perfect snowbird destination. Mountains soar into the clouds as wildlife frolics in one of nature’s biodynamic wonderlands. A stay in the Pacific Northwest will find you rejuvenated, recharged and reacquainting yourself with Mother Nature.

Visit the Ocean and Mountains

The Pacific Ocean holds a variety of wonders, with giant octopus, anemones, salmon and herring just below the surface. Gray whales, orcas, harbour seals, sea lions and dolphins thrive here. Majestic Mount Rainier stands guard in the distance as the mossy beds of the Hoh Rainforest in Olympia National Park beckon you to enter. The Pacific Northwest offers a wide range of wildlife viewing on land too. Keep an eye out for bears, coyotes, river otters, deer and hundreds of species of birds. Less visible wildlife includes the mountain lion, bobcat, weasel, and fox.

With three national parks, 120 state parks, numerous wilderness areas, recreation areas and preserves, Washington State is a nature lover’s utopia. Be sure to visit Whidbey and Camano islands for the opportunity to take in the breathtaking sight of majestic whales swimming past while you watch from shore.

Shoppers Paradise

Discover interesting public markets and exciting shopping opportunities. The Pike Place Market offers a myriad of shops featuring unique products, including local artisan crafts and specialty foods. If fresh seafood makes your taste buds tingle, the Pike Place Fish Market is a must see. Beware the flying salmon, though! At Chihuly Garden and Glass marvel at the beautiful blown glass creations as you watch the artist create his masterpieces right before your eyes.

Over in Spokane, the antique stores beckon you to find that perfect treasure. There are two antique districts in Spokane, North Munroe and Hillyard. River Square Park in Spokane has shopping, dining and entertainment, all in one spot!

If Christmas is your favorite time of year, be sure and visit Kris Kringl – The All Around Christmas Store in Leavenworth, WA. This Bavarian Village will have you believing you’re in Bavaria!

Celebrate History

Washington State is home to the gravesite of the legendary Jimi Hendrix. His music seems to fill the air as you explore the many depictions of his life and career. If military history is more your speed, be sure to visit Officer’s Row and the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

A visit to Washington State is not complete until you’ve explored Seattle’s Space Needle. Reserve your seat for a unique culinary experience at the amazing revolving SkyCity Restaurant. Each course brings a new view of the beautiful city of Seattle.

Take a Chance

Washington State is home to many world class casinos, including Tulalip, 7 Cedars, and Angel of the Winds. If betting on the ponies is more your speed, the Pacific Northwest is home to five world renowned tracks, including the historic Emerald Downs. Other tracks include Dayton Days, Sun Downs, Waitsburg, and Walla Walla Fairgrounds.

Home Base or a Rest Stop

Whether it’s a long stay or a stopping point along the way, we have dozens of RV resorts for you to enjoy. Some are wilderness meccas and others are near the bustling city of Seattle. To find one that’s just right for you, click here. Here are a few you may enjoy.

Relax by the Skykomish river, swim in the pools or fish for salmon and steelhead at the Thunderbird RV Resort. The park is located right off US Hwy 2 and the perfect place to pull in and rest after a day on the road. Stay awhile and enjoy the hiking trails, mini golf, _15A3567horseshoes, and the games room. The Pacific Science Center is about an hour’s drive away and has some great events and programs all on 7-acres in downtown Seattle.

Tall Chief RV Camping and RV Resort is a short 10-minute drive to Snoqualmie Falls and 40 minutes from Seattle and the Sky View Observatory. Head up to the 73rd floor of Columbia Center and prepare to be amazed. There is a 360-degree view that takes in Mt. Rainer, Bellevue, the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Baker, Elliott Bay the Olympic Mountains, the Space Needle and the city of Seattle.

You’ll love the fantastic mountain views from the Chehalis RV Camping in Puget Sound. This original Thousand Trails preserve, has fantastic views of Mount Rainier from one side _15A7450and Mount St Helens from the other. It’s 300 acres of private campsite, forests, and serenity. Spend the day exploring the many hiking trails and at night watch the moon rise above the mountains.

No matter where you stay, or how long you stay there, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Want to visit the Pacific Northwest? Let us know in the comments below!

Snowbirds will love Fiesta Grande RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ

FG Cover

Between Tucson and Phoenix is the small community of Casa Grande. Surrounded by desert and agricultural lands Casa Grande does not have the hectic jammed in feeling of the larger cities nearby. It is because of this that snowbirds flock to the beautiful Fiesta Grande RV Resort, perfectly located near the outskirts of town.

When you first drive into Fiesta Grande RV Resort you will be impressed at the long, wide entrance driveway leading to the office. You will likely be surprised to see a long parking strip capable of holding several RVs that might be lined up for registration, so unlike places you may have been where you perhaps park on the street blocking everything.

Next you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the friendly staff who go out of their way to guide you through the packet of information about the park and its 767 sites. After this, you are guided to your site, and carefully parked in the proper place.

Some resorts make long lists of activities, which sometimes do not fully materialize when you arrive. At Fiesta Grande RV Resort you can find an active quilting club, two swimming pools, a hot tub, a billiard room, a computer center and active computer club, fitness gym, FGand craft rooms and many meeting rooms in two different sites in the park for a myriad of room-oriented activities. Outdoors are the shuffleboard and horseshoe courts, mini-driving range for golf, putting green, and pickle ball.

They have a shiny wood parquet dance floor and dancing plus a myriad of great entertainers. For whatever spare time you have left over, their full-time Activity Coordinator will fill it in with a wide programme of classes, dinners, tours, and other projects. This park is known for fun and activity. All day long, from early till late, people are walking, and biking, with stops to visit others along the way.

The park is full of mature trees of many species offering a shady break when required from the warm sun. They are just part of the relaxing atmosphere. Its quietness is not interrupted by jet planes and constant helicopter noise such as found in southern cities.

Aside from being a pleasant peaceful park, its location is great for explorations. South a few miles is Picacho State Park enclosing part of Picacho Peak, an ancient volcanic formation. The hiking trail to the peak, while a bit strenuous offers great views of the surrounding desert. Incidentally, Picacho is Spanish for peak, so the English name is really calling it Peak Peak!!

Drive northeast of Phoenix to the Superstition Mountains where ancient lore speaks of a gold strike found by a Dutchman and then lost. The Lost Dutchman Mine has drawn many, many people seeking the fortune reputed to be there, and many supposedly vanished. A rugged crooked mountain drive penetrates these mountains on a route called the Apache FG2Trail. This was the route of an old stagecoach trail from Apache Junction and running through the Superstition Mountains. It’s paved to Tortilla Flat, and there are some rugged camps there. The best reason for going on this trip is the magnificent scenery you will see as you enter steep canyons with high cliffs, and top out on higher country for great distant views.

Eventually the road becomes rough gravel and descends into a deep canyon and then curls back out of it to ultimately reach a large reservoir, held in by Roosevelt Dam. This reservoir traps mountain snows and lets water out for irrigation. On the west end of the trail is Goldfield, a well-kept historic mining camp, dating back to 1890. It is a great place to inspect close-up the mining machinery of days gone by at the Mammoth Mine.

On drives from Casa Grande you will see it’s a town surrounded by mountains and desert basins. Some areas are covered with prickly pear cacti, and the sharp needled jumping cholla which is a plant to stay away from. Its sharp segments are said to jump to grab on to you. Well, maybe not, but once they get on you they stay and unless you use a comb, or two sticks to remove them you will find them stuck on your fingers too.

Almost everywhere is the monumental, great saguaro. For some of the best saguaro forests, drive south from town on Indian highway 15 where you can see many multi-armed saguaros. Of course, you are not far from Tucson and the Saguaro National Park. While in that area, take time to visit the Old Tucson Studios and walk in the ghostly tracks of famous western movie stars such as the great John Wayne.

Casa Grande is a nice central place to be in, and Fiesta Grande RV Resort is great place to hang your hat for a while.

Have you stayed at Fiesta Grande RV Resort? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!