Meet Barb From Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, Florida



  • Name:  Barb Stanze
  • In position since: September 2012 at Southern Palms,  with Encore RV Resorts for 21 years
  • Title:  General Manager
  •  Work Location:  Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, Florida
  •  Favorite Activities: Traveling to new places and spending time with my family and grandkids.
  1. How does a typical day at Southern Palms look like?  What is your favorite moment of the day?  Southern Palms is a special mix of long term guests that have been coming for years to our property and short term guests visiting our area for the first time.  The mornings are filled with our long term guests stopping in to say hello and handle whatever business they have that day.  The afternoons are filled with our new arrival check ins.   I really enjoy the check in period of the day,  between 1pm-3pm when our guests start to roll in and we hear their stories about traveling to our location.
  1. You are working, while people at the resort are enjoying their vacation. How do you handle that?   It makes me feel very satisfied that I have provided an environment for our guests to enjoy their vacations and to see them having a good time at the resort is a real pleasure for me.  I try to make time to visit with our guests IMG_3390during a portion of my day to see how they are doing and ensure they are having a good time.
  1. When people ask you what the best experiences are in the surrounding areas, what would you recommend?  By far, the most popular area to visit is historic Mt Dora, which is about 10 minutes from our property.  We  recommend this area to spend a day and have lunch.  Eustis is a great area for walking along the water, as there is a long boardwalk to utilize.  Bird watching is popular along this area.  We have a weekly Farmers Market right next door and we encourage guests to walk over to this on Thursday to see what the local vendors are selling and get fresh local produce!  Disney attractions are only 45 minutes away,  so we have many people visit that are going to these attractions but did not want to fight the crowded conditions of a big city.  You can get to either coast for a day trip to the beach from our location.  Pack up a lunch and see the beautiful sandy beaches .
  1. What’s your favorite story to tell about your time at Southern Palms?  Southern Palms is an older Airstream campground that was originally owned by the City of Eustis.  I have photos of this era, dating back to the 1960s!  I enjoy sharing the history of the property with our guests.
  1. What’s your best accomplishment so far at the resort?  We have developed the IMG_3359largest rally destination at Southern Palms in Florida for the Encore portfolio.  Since we have over 950 sites, we are able to designate a section specifically for this business.  We have numerous rallies booked during the winter season and guests enjoy having their own clubhouse designated to their groups to use.  We host large regional rallies as well, successfully securing Good Sam State rally, Giant Rec World regional rally and National African-American RV Association (NAARVA) regional rally over the past few years.
  1. If had to describe your RV park to someone who thinks about coming to Southern Palms, what would you say?  This location has so much to offer and yet it is very laid back and relaxing!  Central Florida is convenient to both the East and West coasts and to the Disney attractions as well.  On site, we offer numerous activities for our guests to enjoy during their stay.  There is always something going on at our main clubhouse and we host dances every Saturday night during the winter busy season.  Staying in Central Florida is much more economical that the coastal areas which gives our guests more spending money to enjoy their IMG_3429vacations!
  1. What brought you to Southern Palms?  My husband and I have lived in Florida for 35 years.  We moved to the North Carolina area where I managed a  property for several years however we missed Florida so we decided to return when Southern Palms had a management opportunity open.
  1. Any last words for your current and future guests?  Southern Palms is wonderful RV resort and has so much to offer!  Since it is a large property, there is a site type for everyone, from the large RV coaches to the small pop campers.  The surrounding  area offers many festivals, art shows, flea markets, farmers markets and historical venues.  There is always something to look forward to!  The staff at Southern Palms is top notch and ready to serve you.  We are a friendly, laid back group and our goal is to offer the best customer experience possible to our guests!  Please check us out…  you won’t be disappointed!!

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Recreation, Relaxation & So Much More At Orlando RV Resort

FL-Orlando-TT-pickleball (1)

When you’re looking for a place where you can park your RV at any time of year, look no further than Orlando RV Resort in Clermont, FL. Located on 255 acres in the heart of Florida’s orange grove country, nature is just a step away.

Walk to the Lake

Imagine waking up, grabbing your favourite beverage and walking down to Hancock Lake, a 60-acre spring-fed lake with white sandy beaches. Bring a book, your sunscreen or your fishing rod. It’s your time, enjoy it! You can even rent a boat to take out for the day. All this without leaving the RV resort.

Lakes, Lakes and More Lakes!

There’s no shortage of lakes in the area around Orlando RV Resort. A mere 10 minutes up US Hwy. 27 is Lake Louisa State Park. Here you’ll find stunning landscapes, rolling DSC_0102 (1)hills and beautiful lakes, all on 4,500 acres. The largest of the 13 lakes located here is Lake Louisa. Others include Hammond Lake and Dixie Lake. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day relaxing, canoeing, kayaking and fishing.

Laughter and Entertainment

Twenty minutes north on US Hwy. 27 (just past Lake Louisa State Park) is the Clermont Performing Arts Center. There are several shows throughout the year here, from musicals to comedy. They offer top-notch entertainment from around the world in their Main Stage which seats 1,200 people. The Black Box Theatre, part of the Center, is a cozy, 250-seat venue where you can catch some great comedy acts. It’s a great place to grab a cocktail and get away for an entertaining night out.

Foodie Heaven

There are over 20 great restaurants within a half hour drive of Orlando RV Resort. Most are within 15 minutes. For those times when you don’t want to eat in, head out and explore a variety of ethnic foods from Indian to African to Italian or Chinese. There are some great table service and buffet style American restaurants all within a few minutes of the Orlando RV Resort.

Theme Parks Galore

DSC_0043There are so many theme parks nearby, you may not have time to visit them all. Take your pick from Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Epcot, Sea World, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Universal. They are all nearby and will provide you with plenty of ways to amuse yourself and your guests.

Get Your Greens

The weather here was made for golfing all year long. There are over 20 courses nearby, both easy 9-hole and more challenging 18-hole courses. Pro shops and golf pros are here to help you perfect your swing and sink that perfect putt.

Golf on courses with rolling hills and lush backdrops. Many courses have their own lakes! These  well-manicured courses were created by renowned designers such as Larry Lord, Greg Norman, Rees Jones, Steve Weisser and Gary Koch, to name just a few.

Park It

Just because there are hundreds of things to do in the area, doesn’t mean you have to get out and do them all. You can have a great time without ever leaving the park. There’s tennis courts, bocce ball, volleyball and a swimming pool here. Putter around playing mini-DSC_0048golf or hop on a bike and explore the trails in and around the park. There’s a full fitness center, and after your work out, spend some time relaxing in the spa.

There are several park activities as well, designed for short term and long terms guests of all ages. There are creative arts and crafts; square, line, round and ballroom dancing; weekly potlucks and dances and live entertainment.

No RV. . . No Problem

There’s lots of room here to park your RV; however, if you’d rather leave the RV at home, there are several other options available. There are large one bedroom models with slides that sleep four and have a side patio. The park model has a queen size bed and sleeps four people, while the Elite park model sleeps six comfortably (4 adults, 2 children). All come complete with linens, towels, dishes and are fully furnished.

However you decide to stay here, you can count on having a great time at Orlando RV Resort.

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Tips & Tricks: How To Pick The Right Trailer Tires For You


When it comes to buying trailer tires, the numbers you’re probably most concerned about are size and price, but there are a host of digits—and letters—imprinted on the sidewall of your tires, and knowing what they mean helps you better understand how your tires work, and how you can choose the safest trailer tires for your needs.

Tire class and size:

Trailer Tire Graphic


The first thing you want to see is ‘ST,’ which stands for Special Trailer tire. With their heavy-duty construction, trailer tires are built to tow heavy loads, withstand excessive heat, and reduce sway. Trailers can only use ST tires, and ST tires can only be used on trailers.

After ‘ST,’ you’ll see the numbers used to indicate your trailer tire’s size: 215, width in millimetres; 75, aspect ratio or ratio of height to width; R for radial construction; and 14 for rim diameter.

Load rating

Load rating or load index tells you how much weight a tire can safely carry at its maximum air pressure. At its maximum air pressure of 50 PSI (cold), a load range ‘C’ tire might have a load rating of 1760 pounds.

Load range

Load range tells you the type of load a tire is designed to support at a specific inflation pressure. Trailer tires typically have C, D, or E load ranges. A load range ‘C’ tire, for example, is at its peak load capacity—possibly 1600 pounds—when it’s inflated to its maximum pressure of 50 PSI. A load range ‘C’ tire at 25 PSI might be able to support a load of 990 pounds, while at 40 PSI, that capacity could be 1300 pounds.

Max press.

This tells you the maximum pressure (when your tires are cold) needed for your tires to carry its maximum load, in PSI.


This stands for the U.S. Department of Transportation.’ There will be about 10-12 numbers following ‘DOT.’ The first six to eight numbers indicate the manufacturer’s code, where the tire was manufactured and the tire size.

Date code

To find out when your tire was made, look for the serial number that begins with ‘DOT.’ The last four numbers indicate the week and year your tire was made, respectively. A date code of 2615 means the tire was made in the 26th week of 2015. Some trailer tire manufacturers suggest three to five years is the average life expectancy of a trailer tire, regardless of mileage.

Tire type

Below the tire size, you’ll see either ‘radial’ or ‘bias.’ Radial tires (or ‘radial-ply tires’) are constructed with polyester and/or nylon plies that run across the tire perpendicularly, and sometimes include steel belts that run under the tread. Bias-ply tires Bias-ply cords layer in a criss-cross pattern from sidewall to sidewall, and they are also sometimes reinforced with a steel belt.

Puncture Resistance of Sidewalls

There is no specific sidewall marking that identifies the puncture resistance of a tire; however, a rough link can be made about durability based on the ply rating, tire construction and the application that the tire is used in. For example, a tire designed for highway use will not tolerate rough, rocky driving. An all-terrain tire which has been designed to handle off-road conditions would be a better choice.

A tire with LT 265/70r17 E markings on the sidewall tells us it’s designated for use on a “light truck” and the letter “E” indicates it is a 10 ply equivalent tire, keeping in mind that “plies” is an older term which is now more commonly referred to as “load range”.

Since newer materials perform better, a tire doesn’t need as many layers and makes for a lighter tire that runs cooler and performs better.

These load ranges show what the equivalent ply is:

Load range “E” = 10 ply equivalent

Load range “D” = 8 ply equivalent

Load range “C” = 6 ply equivalent

Older bias ply tires have sidewall markings that indicate how many cotton plies are in the tire, whereas most current/modern tires contain newer polyester, nylon-type materials and usually have only 2-3 carcass plies.

Also, the higher the load range, the more weight carrying capacity of the tire. To carry that extra weight, more air pressure is needed, and to hold that extra air pressure, a more robust carcass is used, which usually adds more durability.

Araby Acres RV Resort, A Snowbird Oasis In Yuma, AZ!


Some places bill themselves as being in the ‘Valley of the Sun’. Yuma however is the ‘Home of the Sun’. Araby Acres RV Resort is located in the eastern outskirts of Yuma and is close enough to downtown to reach it easily. This Encore RV resort has 330 sites, including areas for park models. The people are very friendly and helpful in getting you settled in, plus a large number of guests are from Canada. Come see why hundreds of Snowbirds call Araby Acres their home away from home.

_15A8363-Edit One of the most pleasant areas in the park is the small lagoon surrounded by green grass and tall palm trees. Small water fowl puddle aimlessly, or pick insects from the grass. The wind in the palms sounds so much like the ocean surf. This is one of the nicest relaxation areas in Yuma. The ambiance of this area calls for a few park benches to relax on.

The two pools and hot tubs provide relaxing moments and also a cool-down opportunity if you’ve been sampling some of the more vigorous activities such as a good workout in the exercise room, or shuffleboard. Several guests enjoy participating in arts and crafts and wood carving.

Optional cable and WiFi access are available for a fee and a WiFi hotspot is located in the clubhouse. The ideal location in the park is south of the main office, where you’ll find a particularly quiet corner of the property to enjoy.

Many visitors are here to enjoy the sun and heat that they wouldn’t get back home in the _15A7665winter. Shopping is easy and abundant, and it’s an easy drive into Mexico at Los Algodones. There is plenty of paid parking so you can park and walk across the border for your shopping. The crossing of the border is hassle free on the way into Mexico. Leave early if you want to avoid long lines coming back.

Los Algodones is a medical oasis for thousands of visitors who hold their treatments until they get to Mexico where medical help is not only available, but at very low prices. Many also fill their prescriptions while there.

Yuma developed during the mid-1800’s taking advantage of the large amount of steamboat movement up and down the Colorado River. Settlers also took this route through Yuma to cross the river where it was narrower. Yuma is probably most famous for its Yuma Territorial Prison which didn’t need much fencing because, if you escaped, the desert would get you. This area usually gets about 3” of precipitation, and is blisteringly hot in the summer. Tours are available if you want to visit the State Historic Park. There are several quiet, easy walking or biking trails around town.

North and south of Yuma are massive acres of agricultural land. Vegetables, and hay grow several crops per year and drives along those fields can be very educational. Huge orchards of lemon, grapefruit, and oranges will provide scattered roadside stands for you ArabyAcresto pick up fresh fruit.

There are also date groves and stores for you to visit and purchase large packages of dates and enjoy the fabulous date shake whose sweet taste is amazing.

RVers will appreciate the flea markets and RV market places around town that have thousands of items piled hurriedly on shelves awaiting your discovery. There are all types of parts and pieces for the do-it-yourselfers.

The Imperial National Wildlife Refuge came into being after the Imperial Dam created scores of marshy areas which now provide good habitat for a wide variety of migrating birds. It is significant that this area has grown up a verdant attractive area, backdropped by the dry desert and mountains. This 26,000 acre preserve protects 30 miles of the lower Colorado River and can give you several days of entertainment as you explore. You will notice how quickly the plant varieties change as you move back from the river. Washes cut down to the water from the desert, and ironwood and smoke trees are home for the lizards and rabbits. On the higher ground the palo verde, creosote bushes, and ocotillo dot the landscape. Early in the day, or late, you could see the mule deer moving down for a drink, and sometimes the bighorn sheep from the mountains.

Araby_Acres_fire pit_rtmsYuma is a compact city with extensive spread eastward toward the mountains. The area has enough to interest you, whether for a month, or for the entire winter. Araby Acres RV Resort can provide an oasis to return to for rest and relaxation.


Visit the Mesa-Phoenix Area & Explore the Beautiful Southwest!


Looking for a new winter home away from home? Well the beauty of the Arizona desert, its splendid colors, the unique flora and fauna, and the purple mountains will have snowbirds rethinking their tropical migration.

Winter temperatures in the Mesa-Phoenix region are comparable to the temperatures in Daytona Beach. Though Arizona also has a reputation for having the most stunning sunsets in the United States. But we’re going to cut the comparisons there because Arizona’s Mesa-Phoenix region has enough natural beauty and unique attractions to put it in a league of its own!


Golf is a popular pastime in Arizona and Viewpoint RV and Gold Resort offers both an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole executive course. The 18-hole course is a par 71, with hazards that demand strategic play, and four sets of tees to accommodate all skill levels.

viewPointWhat makes this course and resort special is its location at the base of the Superstition Mountains. So while you golf you will also be able to enjoy a breathtaking, panoramic mountain view.

Non-golfers can take in the scenery while hiking, biking, or walking along dry river beds through local parks. This age-qualified resort has it all, and is prepared to assist senior guests so they can fully experience all the perks that an active lifestyle has to offer.

Cactus League

In spring Major League Baseball comes to train across from the Mesa-Phoenix area. You can take in pre-season games between teams from the western divisions, including the World Series Champions the Chicago Cubs.

In fact, the Mesa Spirit RV Resort is less than a 20-minute drive from Sloan Park, which hosts the Cubs in spring. Mesa Spirit is also about a ten-minute drive from the Oakland Athletics springtime home: Hohokam Stadium.mesaSpirit

For sports fans it’s just a short trip into Phoenix to catch the Phoenix Suns play. Canadian hockey fans can travel a little farther if they want to catch the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale at the Gila River Arena. Keep your eye on the schedule —you may even be able to see your favourite Canadian team live in action!

Arts and Culture

The Seyenna Vistas RV Resort is minutes away from both downtown Phoenix and the Mesa Arts Center, which makes it a great home base for those exploring the rich culture of America’s southwest.

The area is home to a plethora of museums, galleries and historical sites where you can seyennaVistasabsorb the local culture and history. At the Mesa Arts Center, you can attend a variety of performing arts from music to comedy to theater, or visit the center’s museum which houses exceptional pieces of regional, national, and international contemporary art. Some snowbirds take advantage of their long stay and choose to take a class (or two) at the Mesa Arts Center.

Sports and Leisure

Arizona’s temperate winters make it ideal for active snowbirds who want to enjoy their favourite pastimes all year round. Monte Vista Village RV Resort has the facilities for you to swim, play tennis, pickleball, volleyball, shuffleboard, and horseshoes.

Nearby you will find opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the desert. Saguaro monteVistaCanyon, Roosevelt Lake, and Apache Lake are picturesque surroundings you won’t ever tire of exploring.

Monte Vista Village Resort is pet friendly, which means you can bring your faithful companion(s) with you to enjoy the scenic lakes and rugged mountains.

Enjoy all the attractions Mesa-Phoenix has to offer

Casino Arizona has all the excitement, food, refreshments, and games you’d expect and is located in Scottsdale, just outside of a number of Mesa-area resorts.

It’s hard to get a full sense of the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and Mesa-Phoenix area without visiting the Desert Botanical Garden. Along its trails you will discover the unexpected diversity of desert flora.

Another beautiful, but unexpected, attraction is Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights. This “jewel in the desert” is a local curiosity. Built in the 1920s, many people wonder why and by whom. The best way to learn the story behind this wonderful building is to visit, but be warned you will need to book your tour ticket well in advance.

There’s no doubt that this majestic desert has something for everyone, which is why it’s a popular destination for RV’ers and Canadian snowbirds.

If you’re interested in visiting the Mesa-Phoenix area, let us know in the comments section!