Maximize Your RV Adventures with a Thousand Trails Pass

From geocaching to “roughing it” in the British Columbia interior, the Thousand Trails membership has opened-up a world of possibility and adventure for retirees Glenn and Eva Hamakawa. The couple have been living in Langley, British Columbia for 18 years, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find them at home.

Thanks to the Thousand Trails pass these two happy campers spend at least seven months of the year in their RV —4 months down south during the winter, and “dry camping” in the B.C. interior during the summer months from June to September. “But just because we’re in our RV doesn’t mean you’ll find us at home,” Glenn says. “When we’re not RV’ing, we’re cruising,” he laughs.

“The last two years we’ve had the membership we’ve been able to explore and go on new adventures affordably,” Eva says. “Being retired we couldn’t go to all these places without it.”

Glenn and Eva’s neighbors had the pass and invited the couple to a road show in Langley so they could check it out too. “We weren’t sure about going,” Glenn says. “We weren’t RV’ers at the time, we preferred camping. But it turns out we liked it, it eased us into RV’ing and gave us more time to spend in our trailer during the winter season.” What’s the difference between camping (also called dry camping) and RV’ing? According to Glenn, it’s the hook-ups!  

“During the summer we do more back country camping,” Eva says. “Our RV has solar panels and a large fresh water tank, so we’re self-sufficient. We love to go fishing and enjoy the lake in the interior. But when the winter hits and our water start to freeze, then it’s time to go south.”

In the past, Glenn and Eva travelled to the U.S. before getting a pass, but couldn’t stay for as long. “We’ve done trips that were 5 weeks in Washington and Oregon, but we were paying $30 – $50/night. It was too expensive,” Glenn says.

Explore More with Thousand Trails

Now, with the Thousand Trails pass Glenn and Eva have been living the RV lifestyle to its fullest – going to different places at their leisure, visiting new parks and going back to their favorites. “We really enjoy traveling and going to new places,” Glenn says, “but our favorite park is Cultus Lake. It’s close to home and a spot where we can get the trailer set up and ready for summer or winter, depending on which direction we’re headed.”

Last winter, with the Thousand Trails membership Glenn and Eva went to California for the first time. Using the pass in the Southwest Zone allowed them to ease themselves into the snow bird lifestyle. “California was great, but a lot wetter than we expected,” Eva said. “When we left there was a foot of snow here in B.C. We went through Washington, Oregon and then California. Our plans took us to Seattle in March,” she says. “We went to Idyllwild [in the San Jacinto Mountains] where we were at a 7,000 ft elevation and there was lots of snow, but overall we enjoyed the park.”

Roughing it during summer in the back country of Canada and the Northwestern states, then RV’ing at different Thousand Trails parks during the winter months allows Glenn and Eva to extend the time they can spend in their RV. “When we’re in the parks we’re usually in the hot tub in the evening after dinner, it’s very relaxing,” Glenn says.

Venture Off the Beaten Path

Hot tubbing is great, but when it comes down to it one of this couple’s favorite activities is geo-caching. “We really enjoy geo-caching, and the pass allows us to visit new areas, geo-caching in towns and cities you don’t normally go to, and we always find new and interesting sites,” Glenn says.

“Going to all the different parks lets you explore, too,” Eva adds. “You go off the beaten trail to get to some of these parks and you can explore and see cities you wouldn’t otherwise see. That’s one of the nice things about Thousand Trails, is it takes you off the beaten path,” she says.

Even though they’re far from home, the “staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome at all the parks,” Glenn says. “That’s really important to us.”

So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to get the most out of your RV, or just want to test out the RV lifestyle, then consider a Thousand Trails membership. Like Glenn and Eva, you’ll be able to maximize your RV adventure while gaining affordable access to hundreds of parks throughout Canada and the United States. Visit for more information.

Tips & Tricks: How to Safely Back-Up a Fifth-Wheel Trailer

Watching someone with no experience back in their RV is hilarious, unless that person is you! If you haven’t done it before, or it’s been a while, don’t worry. Every 5th Wheel owner has been there. Becoming proficient takes practice, but watch this helpful video and learn a few tricks from experienced RV’ers.

Meet Silvia From Orlando RV Resort in Clermont, Florida


  • Name: Silvia Wingfield
  • In position since: April 2017, since 2009 with Encore RV resorts
  • Title: Resort Manager
  • Work Location: Thousand Trails Orlando
  • Previous parks you’ve worked at: Lake Magic RV Resort & Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort
  •  Favorite hobbies or sport(s): Reading and spending time with my two boys. My favorite sport is basketball. I played back in middle school and my oldest son is on a school team. Go Celtics!!

LM = Lake Magic     TTO =Thousand Trails Orlando

What brought you to TT Orlando?I have recently been promoted to Resort Manager at Thousand Trails Orlando after managing Lake Magic RV Resort since November 2012. What brought me to TTO was the opportunity to continue to grow within this wonderful company that I have been a part of since 2009.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a Resort Manager? – The most rewarding aspect of being a manager is the people; the residents and guests that I meet and the relationships that I build with them. Talking to them and getting to know them personally. Hearing their life stories and connecting with them about experiences and family. All of this goes for the staff as well. I spend 8 plus hours of my day working at the property and the friendships and connections make the long days easier.

What’s the most challenging aspect of being a Resort Manager? How do you overcome these challenges? The most challenging aspect is not being able to make everyone happy. I struggle with this because I truly want all of our guest to get what they want but I have learned over the years that making EVERYONE happy is not realistic or possible. I try to overcome this challenge by finding a happy medium from what the guest wants and what I can actually offer. For example: a guest is assigned a site that they do not like due to location but we are in the middle of season and our resort is full and I cannot move them to another site. I will try to make a connection with them in other ways. I will personally invite them to a resident social event and/or offer them a breakfast or lunch voucher. They still might not be happy with the location of their site but they appreciate the personal touch of knowing that I care enough to do a little something special for them, which ultimately makes me feel good.

Can you share something you’ve learned from your guests? – What I have learned from my guests is to enjoy life, to savor every moment because it goes by quickly. I have learned that friendship and being neighborly is valuable. RV’ers are unique because they are always willing to help anyone who needs it.

What’s special about the RV resorts you’ve managed?  Lake Magic is special because of its beauty. The resort is clean and well manicured with tall palms tree throughout the resort that constantly remind you that you’re in sunny Florida. All of our sites have 50 amp service with full hookups and most of our pads are paved. The sites are large with plenty of space in-between from site to site. The location is premier and most importantly the guests are friendly!

Thousand Trails Orlando  is special because it is a property that offers choices for all the different RV lifestyles. The park offers clean, paved sites, as well as a more woody area for the RV’ers that really like to feel like they are “roughing” it. TTO is in a great location that is off the highway but tucked in far enough away from the hustle and bustle to make you feel like you’re truly camping.

Can you use 3 words to describe your RV resort to someone who is considering visiting Orlando? 

  1. Friendly
  2. Filled with Activities (in Season)
  3. Great location

What area attractions or entertainment do you recommend guests experience while at TT Orlando or Lake Magic?

  1. Walt Disney World- It is only 6 miles from LM and 11 from TTO
  2. Southern Hill Farms – during blueberry picking season this is the best place to pick your own blueberries!
  3. Airboat Ride – a fun way to spend the day and tour the Central FL Everglades

What accomplishment are you most proud of? Why?At LM, I am most proud of our Annual Poker Run. I started this my first year as manager at LM and the first year we had maybe 50 participants but this past season we had 176 participants!!! The Poker Run consists of eight stations (1 for each section of the resort). We have eight hosts and the hosts are residents that set up stations with goodies, snacks and drinks for all of the participants to stop at. The participants stop by the stations, mingle, eat, drink and draw a card. At the end the 5 players with the best hand get prizes.

What’s your favorite funny story to tell from Lake Magic?In 2015 at LM, I was trying different new activities during season to keep the residents entertained. (They were all nice enough to try any crazy fun idea came up with). One of the games we tried that season was a play on the “Newlywed Game”. We called it the “Oldie Wed Game”. Three couples took turns answering different questions about their partners and we had a blast. It was fun because of their answers, but also because they were fearless and willing to try whatever out of the box idea I came up with.

Can you share your favorite memory at Lake Magic? – My favorite memory is of one of our end of season going away parties. We put together a Carnival event around our Clubhouse and pool area with carnival games, pool games, raffle prizes and carnival food! We fed the guests corndogs and thought they were going to complain because it was simple food but they loved it!

Can you recall a time when the guests at your property surprised you? (LM) Yes, 2 years ago for my birthday they called me up to the clubhouse and surprised me with a cake and singing. I felt special that they cared enough to take time out of their day to share it with me.

Can you tell us about some of the friendships that have developed between guests at Lake Magic? One of the most meaningful friendships that I have developed is with a resident who now works for me. This person volunteered for many years and finally decided to commit to working for me. They are a great asset to me because they provide insight to what the other guests want and they have become someone I can depend on and trust.

RV communities look out for each other. Can you share an example of how Lake Magic exemplifies the idea of community?There are 5 sister properties (Sherwood Forest, Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort, Winter Garden, Thousand Trails Orlando and Lake Magic) in my area and we all are very close to one another. Anytime that one of us is full and needs to accommodate a guest, we call on each other for availability to help the guest. We also get together for friendly tournaments between properties. This allows our guest to meet each other and visit a sister property.

Have you visited Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort or Lake Magic RV Resort? Let us know in the comments below!


Stay & Play at Pio Pico RV in Southern California!

_15A8688 (1)

When you’re looking for a peaceful place to park your RV for the winter, Pio Pico is it. Come for the peace and quiet and spend your days in nature instead of the concrete jungle. You don’t even have to leave the campground if you don’t want to.

As a sister campground to Encore RV Resorts, many travelers stay at Pio Pico RV Resort and Campground the entire winter. Spend your days exploring the rolling hills or walking beside a gentle flowing stream. There 180 acres of preserve here to ensure Mother Nature gets top billing.

“We love it here,” said Linda C., a Canadian who has returned to Pio Pico twice to escape Canadian winters. “My husband loves to ride his bike around the valleys and up into the hillsides.”

Unplug and Unwind

Put down your cell phone, ignore your email, and forget about Wi-Fi. Disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with you and your travel companions. There is Wi-Fi and cell service in the area, but this is nature at its finest. You’ll probably be more tempted to traipse through nature than text. Spend your time near the stream instead of streaming
video and rediscover who you are.

Bargains, Activities and Art

Pio Pico hosts a community flea market at the resort every Saturday morning. M
_15A8576embers come and sell their wares and socialize with other resort guests.

There are several hiking trails and canyons to explore and when you get back, there are two heated pools to relax in. For those who like a bit more water activity, there’s year-round water aerobics.

Other activities include shuffleboard, mini golf, horseshoes, volleyball, bocce ball, basketball, tennis, billiards, softball and pickleball.

The resort also offers art classes. “I love the art activities here,” said Linda. “I learned to do some very interesting artworks.”

Pet Friendly

The Pio Pico RV Resort and Campground is pet friendly. There’s even a dog park where your four-legged friend can meet up with fellow canine travelers for a sniff and greet and to chase few well thrown balls.

Day Trips

When you want to head out of the RV resort there are dozens and dozens of great things to do in the area. “It’s close enough to San Diego to drive,” said Linda. “It’s about a half hour drive and we leave our vehicle in the free parking lots. Then we take the MTS electric t_15A8777rolleys to most places we want to go.”

San Diego is great for spending the day exploring the area, visiting the ocean and getting some great shopping in. Go dip your toes into the beautiful Pacific Ocean and explore the many different beaches here. There’s also the beautiful Sea Port Village for shopping right on the bay, and lots of great events.  

The Living Coast Discovery Center, a little over a half hour from the RV resort, is a great place to spend the day. You’ll have up close experiences with local wildlife including rays, sharks, owls, hawks, falcons, reptiles and the endangered Green Sea Turtles!

There are over 20 museums nearby including: the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center, and the HMS Surprise Maritime Museum.

You’re a half an hour from the border when you stay at Pio Pico. Venture out for a day in Mexico and enjoy everything Tijuana has to offer.

Time spent at Pio Pico would not be complete without a visit to Balbo Park. Museums, performing arts, a miniature railroad, the United Nations Building and the San Diego Zoo are all located on 1200 acres.

Eat Out

There are several restaurants and fast food eateries nearby. Most are within about a half hour drive. Try some Italian food or burgers and beer up in El Cajon. In Chula Vista there’s pizza, Mexican and Chinese food. San Diego has more restaurants than we can list here. Suffice it to say, if you have a craving, there’s a very good chance they have a restaurant to match that craving.

Enjoy the Arts

There are so many places where you can take in a play a short drive from Pio Pico RV Resort.  San Ysidro Performing Arts Center is 25 minutes from the RV resort and hosts local community events and professional theater productions. There’s also a blackbox theater and orchestra pit.

The Balbo Theatre in San Diego is about a 40-minute drive from Pio Pico. This historic venue was named one of the world’s 15 most spectacular theatres.

For something a little different, check out the plays at the Moxie Theatre. Most of the plays they produce are from primarily female playwrights.

At the end of the day you’ll be happy to head back to Pio Pico, knowing you’ll awaken to the sounds of nature and a new day with so much more to explore.

Want to visit Pio Pico Rv Resort? Let us know in the comments !

Thousand Trails Camping Pass – A RV’ers Best Kept Secret

What if you could enjoy the RV lifestyle for less? With Thousand Trails, you can! Thousand Trails is a membership program for avid RV’ers that provides priority, pre-booked access to 86 RV resorts in 5 zones across the US and Canada.

How it Works

With your Thousand Trails membership, you get:

  •         Access to Thousand Trails and select Encore parks in one zone
  •         30 nights free per year, and a fee of $4 per night for additional nights
  •         Advanced reservations
  •         1 year subscription to Trail Blazer magazine – includes member exclusive deals
  •         Member discounts including reduced rates at over 80 Encore RV Resorts.

There is no fee to enroll in the Thousand Trails membership, you just pay the annual membership fee which is $565 USD.

Do the Math – How Much Will You Save?

The average fee at an RV campground is $50/night, so if you camp for 30 nights, you’ll spend about $1,500 – or three times the cost of the pass! RV owners who are camping for 11 nights or more will save money with this membership, and the more you camp, the more you save.

Too Good To Be True?

Sounds good, but you may be thinking, what’s the catch? No catch! If you camp more than 11 nights a year then you’ll get your money’s worth out of the pass, plus you’ll be able to make reservations at the parks you’re planning to visit, up to 60 days in advance.

Experienced RV’ers know that many parks pre-book a year ahead, so how can you get a spot if you’re booking two months (or less) before your visit? Thousand Trails parks are for members, which means member spots are set aside for you. All you need to do is tell us what days you plan on coming, and once you get a reservation we’ll make sure that there’s a spot there for you (but we don’t reserve specific sites – you select your site on a first-come, first-serve basis).

How Are Spots Kept Available for Members?

To ensure that there are spots for our members, we have a 14 night in/7 night out of the system policy. This means that you can spend up to 14 consecutive nights at a Thousand Trails resort, then you’ll need to have at least 7 nights out of the Thousand Trails system to book again. This strategy ensures that there are spots free for members when they need them, and it works very well for RV’ers who are looking to explore different parks, or travel across a zone.

With the discount at Encore resorts, many Thousand Trails members plan to stay at an Encore resort for a discounted rate (often 20% or more) for their 7 nights out of the system, which saves them even more money.

Who Uses Thousand Trails?

If you’re a snowbird then it’s worthwhile to get a Thousand Trails pass, you’ll still save big time on your camping fees, especially during your journey down south where using the (14 night in/7 night out) 4 nights park to park policy is ideal.

The Thousand Trails pass is also popular amongst weekend RV’ers (those who work Monday – Friday and camp on weekends, or camp for a few weeks once or twice a year).

Full time RV’ers are Thousand Trails members too, and many upgrade to an Elite membership which is designed for longer stays.

Although having an RV is preferable, it’s not necessary to take advantage of the Thousand Trails pass. With discounts on rental cottages at their parks, anyone who is looking to test out the RV lifestyle, or who wants a place for their family to stay during a visit can save.

Get a Thousand Trails Membership for Less

Keep an eye out for online specials for the Thousand Trails membership –these specials offer $100- $150 USD off the pass. Plus, it’s worth it to go to an RV show, where RV’ers can often get a dual special -$100 off the pass plus a second zone for free.

Ready to start saving? Why wait? Get your Thousand Trails pass now and enjoy the RV lifestyle for less.


Ask how you can camp all year long with our Thousand Trails Camping Pass!

Our Thousand Trails Camping Pass is offered by MHC Thousand Trails Limited Partnership, an affiliate of Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc., Two North Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606. This advertising is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of resort campground memberships and this offer is only available to new customers. This document has been filed with the Department of Licensing, State of Washington as required by Washington Law. Value, quality or conditions stated and performance on promises are the responsibility of the operator, not the Department. The filing does not mean the Department has approved the merits or qualifications of any registration, advertising, or any gift or item of value as part of any promotional plan.

Snowbirds, Come Warm Your Soul in Southern California!

Southern California is the place to visit when winter’s cold blanket covers the ground. Southern California has warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. In the middle of winter temperatures range from 14-22C (57-72F) with an average temperature of 20C (68F). Imagine waking each day to beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures while you enjoy a breakfast of fresh strawberries, grapefruit and avocado. Did you know there are over 500 varieties of avocado! Eight of them are grown right here.

Adventure Awaits!

With two major city centers – Los Angeles and San Diego – Southern California has an excess of exciting things to offer. Whether you’re a history buff, an exotic animal lover, a connoisseur of world class wines, or on the hunt for celebrity autographs, your days will be filled!

Los Angeles Area

Have your camera ready when you visit Tinsel Town. Be sure to check out the Walk of Fame, which has immortalized more than 2,400 celebrities. Shop till you drop on Rodeo Drive. Take a walk on Venice Beach. Let the child within come out to play and plan a Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm adventure.

For a change of pace, be sure to quench your thirst at one of the many spectacular wineries in the region. Malibu Wine Safaris offers guests the opportunity to tour its 404 hectare (1,000 acre) Saddlerock Ranch and Vineyard in an open jeep, meeting camels, zebras, and even a celebrity giraffe!

San Diego Area

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! The San Diego Zoo is home to more than 3,700 animals, both exotic and domestic. The city has over 90 museums, filled with various exhibits of interest. View the city in a different way. . . take a boat tour with one of the many great companies in the area or hop on the Old Town Trolley.

When it’s time to switch up the pace a bit, visit one of the area’s incredible wineries. From second generation winemakers to organically farmed grapes, the award-winning wines produced by these wineries are sure to please your palate.

Pull in and Relax

There are several RV Resorts to choose from in this area. Some are high in the mountains, others are under palm trees and beside fish canals. Choose from being close to major centers or getting your fill of Mother Nature.

Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

Not far from Los Angeles (123 km/76 mi) is Wilderness Lakes RV Resort. You’ll love the fishing canals that weave their wave through the 80-acre park. Temperatures here are very mild in the winter and there are about 20 golf courses nearby, several within a 20-minute drive of the park. When you want to dine out, or have fun shopping, head over to Old Town Temecula, about 25 minutes away. The Pechanga Resort and Casino is a 30-minute drive miles south of the resort. It’s the largest gambling casino in the state with tons of gaming fun, dining and entertainment.

Idyllwild RV Resort

With an elevation of over 2,133 m (7,000 ft) this is a true four seasons resort. Nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, Idyllwild RV Resort lies halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, about 175 km (110 mi) in either direction. They have great cabins to rent,
should you decide to leave the RV at home for this trip.

Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort

Cathedral City, California, affectionately known as Cat City, is home to Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort. This is an age-qualified resort with stunning mountain view of the San Jacinto and Santa Rose Mountain ranges. Guests can even visit the burial site of the
great Frank Sinatra. This resort in halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, just outside of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs RV Camping

Imagine waking up, stepping outside and being surrounded by over 800 date palms on a 25-acre preserve. That’s what you’ll find at Palm Springs RV Camping. This is it – the heart of world famous golf country. This expansive desert community is near Joshua Tree National Park, the Living Desert Wildlife and Botanical Preserve and lots more great attractions. Take the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway up 2,440 m (8,000 ft) to the peak of Mt.
San Jacinto and take in the breathtaking views.

Oakzanita Springs RV Camping

Bring your RV for all season enjoyment. This resort has an elevations of 1,220 m (4,000 ft) in the heart of the mountains. In the winter the facilities and spa as well as RV camping amenities are open. In the warmer months, enjoying hiking in the mountains and fishing in nearby lakes. It’s only 63 km (40 mi) from San Diego to Oakzanita Springs.

Pio Pico RV Resort and Campground

This full-service, year-round resort is located a mere 30.5 km (19 mi) south of San Diego. Make this your home base and you are close to the zoo, museums and Sea World. And, you’re only 20 minutes from Mexico. Escape the rush of the city and relax in the quite of nature at Pio Pico.

No matter which park you choose, which cities or parks you explore, you are sure to take home precious memories of your time in Southern California.


Interested in visiting Southern California? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s All About the People at Riverside RV Resort in Arcadia, FL


When you find an RV park with the right mix of people, it’s hard to leave. That’s the sentiment at Riverside RV Resort and Campground in Arcadia, Florida. With 602 sites, this pet-friendly, close-knit community is a popular destination amongst RVers, especially Canadian snowbirds, many of whom have been wintering in the park since it first opened twenty years ago.

“We feel like we have found a small slice of ‘heaven’ at the Riverside RV Resort,” say Ben and Sandy Milburn, who are spending their tenth year at Riverside. “The most wonderful thing about this resort is the wonderful group of people that we have met here, who have become our snowbird family.”

Why do people come back to Riverside RV year after year? According to Sue Spalding, Riverside’s manager, the breathtaking scenery, beautiful landscape, top-notch amenities and fun activities help, but it’s really the strong sense of community that keeps people coming back. “The campers have really developed a winter community here. There is a camaraderie and helpfulness amongst our guests that you just won’t find elsewhere,” she says.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet in the Country

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ll find it here. Riverside RV Resort and IMG_0232Campground is located directly on the Peace River, which flows past the west side of Arcadia and southwest towards the tidewater at Punta Gorda.

Located northwest of DeSoto County and 44 miles (71 km) west of South Sarasota, Arcadia is a great spot to dig for fossilized shark teeth. In addition to shark tooth hunting, locals love to canoe, boat and fish on the Peace River.

Arcadia offers the low-key, slow pace of the country, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t lots to do during the winter months. The small town of about 8,000 hosts DeSoto County’s annual fair in January, which boasts a carnival-like atmosphere as well as livestock shows presented by local 4-H and FFA members, and in March the local rodeo association puts on a charity rodeo enjoyed by park and community members alike.

A Hidden Antique Town

Do you love antiquing? Arcadia has one of the largest groupings of antique dealers in the state of Florida, and they’re all conveniently located in the downtown area. Campers at Riverside RV look forward to the 4th Saturday Antique Fair, which is held each month from 8 am to 3 pm. Find the perfect treasures and knick knacks as gifts, for your RV, or to take back home.

A Community That’s Driven by Fun

Arcadia has lots to offer, but there’s lots going on in Riverside RV Resort and Campground too. With a large proportion of Canadian guests, particularly from Ontario and IMG_0078Nova Scotia, the campground hosts a Canadian party as well as a number of estate parties throughout the season.  Of course, in this close-knit community everyone is welcome and intermingles, and the name of the game is fun. That’s why, at Riverside all the Canadian regulars who were able to come back this year have made the trip. At a time when other RV parks are losing some of their Canadian bookings because of the politicized climate and Canadian dollar, Riverside’s Canadian community remains vibrant, Spalding says.

And with plenty of swimming pools, a picnic grove, and an activity centre, games room, table tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes and pickle ball courts why wouldn’t you come back? At Riverside RV there is never a dull moment – you can choose to enjoy the weekly entertainment, or take it easy at your own pace with a leisurely walk, relaxing boat ride or a day fishing on the water.

Breathtaking Views for All

Because Riverside RV is located directly on the Peace River, there’s a calm, relaxing vibe aIMG_0408t the park that keeps people coming back. It’s the pristine landscape and beautiful views that make Riverside special, Spalding says. In addition to the lull of river life, guests enjoy ponds with waterfalls and palm trees that host a wide variety of bird species, all located throughout the park, so that all guests can enjoy an amazing view, no matter which site they reserve.

A Fisherman’s Paradise

If you love fishing, then there’s no better way to spend your winter. Riverside offers fishing ponds (where you can try your luck with the bass), and direct access to the Peace River with brackish water (a mix of fresh water and salt water). The Peace River is home to snook, red fish, pike and blue gill. The park’s boat ramp offers direct access on and off the water, making it easy to spend the day fishing.

Riverside RV Resort and Campground in Arcadia, Florida has all the activities and amenities that you could ask for. But, the most surprising part of this park is that you may find a second home and a community that feels like family. It’s this close-knit community that keeps guests coming back year, after year to spend the winters with their snowbird family.

Interested in visiting Arcadia, Florida? Want to stay at Riverside RV Resort? Let us know in the comments below!

Take a Winter Break in Orlando – Kissimmee, Florida!


There’s so much to do in the Orlando – Kissimmee area. There are hundreds of amazing things to see and do including the big name theme parks. Make your next winter getaway to Orlando – Kissimmee and you’ll be glad you did.

Golfers’ Paradise

The weather here is perfect for golfing year round. Courses range from easy 9-hole to challenging 18-hole. Golfers will love staying at the Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort. This
clerbrookfull-service RV resort and the golf course is located in lush Lake County. They have a challenging 18-hole golf course with rolling fairways and rippling greens. They have a pro shop too!

The beauty of this area is there are a dozen quality golf courses within a 15-minute drive of Clerbrook, and dozens more within a half hour drive. Surrounded by lakes, friendly people and great weather truly make this area a golfers’ paradise.

Amuse Yourself

Let the kid in you out to play. With Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Sea World, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Universal all nearby, you’ll have plenty of places to amuse yourself.

Both Sherwood Forest RV and Tropical Palms RV Resort are minutes away from dozens of theme parks and entertainment venues. At Sherwood Forest you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush trees, excellent landscaping, and clear water lakes. It’s a natural andsherwoodForest peaceful setting that seems miles away from fantasy worlds around you. Up the road is Tropical Palms RV. Get to know your fellow guests and take part in the many on site activities. Invite your family to join you as there are plenty of cottages for rent here and they sleep up to eight people.

Once you’ve rested up, why not head over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Come face to face with a Yeti, find Nemo, go on an African Safari, step back in time to Dinoland or get wet on a wild water rafting trip through Asia. Daytona Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens, and Old Town are all here
for you to enjoy.

Right in the Middle

With so much to see and do in the Orlando – Kissimmee area, it can be hard to decide tropicalPalmswhere to stay. Winter Garden RV Resort is right in the middle of everything, literally. It’s 145 km (90 mi) to either of the Florida coasts. And, it’s minutes away from Lake Apopka, Florida’s third largest lake. Pick an activity, a lake, a theme park, a shopping centre. It’s all nearby.


The Orlando – Kissimmee area is a shoppers’ paradise. From budget to blow your budget, there are boutiques, outlet malls and shopping centres for you to find that perfect something. When you stay at Lake Magic RV Resort you’ll be near almost everything. That way you’ll have a short trip home.

Down in Kissimmee there’s the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores just south of I-4. You’ll find factory-direct top quality items at up to 75% off. When you’re looking for something lakeMagicunique check out Celebration Town Centre. Walk along tree lined streets and enjoy your day exploring charming boutique and specialty shops. You’ll find many of the shops located on a promenade that circles a lake.

Looking for vintage? They have that too! Discover the historic downtown areas of Kissimmee and St. Cloud. Art Galleries, doll shops, antiques and collectibles are all waiting for you.

Dinner and a Show

The range of food available in this area is nothing short of diverse. Mix that in with a show and you’ve got a night out to remember. Travel back in time to the days when mobsters’ ran prohibition era Chicago. Make sure you knock three times to get into the Capone’s Dinner and Show.

There are magic shows, Aloha shows, pirate shows, detective and mystery shows, and comedy shows. All are served up with a delicious meal. Toss aside your table manners and step into a fairy tale dinner with sweeping musical scores. The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament puts on a show of brave Knights on horses and nail biting sword fights.

Hang Out at the Lake

A winter getaway doesn’t have to be jam packed with things to do. Relax a little. You deserve it!

Imagine waking up in the heart of orange grove country and taking a short stroll to a spring fed lake. When you get tired of exploring the area, you can always relax on the beach, orlandoread a book, have a picnic and soak up some rays. And yes, the lake does have fish, so get a rod and go catch your next meal. Hancock Lake is on the edge of Thousand Trails Orlando RV Camping and is a great place to just kick back and relax.

Should you feel like exploring other lakes, you won’t have far to go! Just 10 minutes up US Highway 27 is Lake Louisa State Park. Come explore over 4,500 acres known for its beautiful lakes, stunning landscapes and rolling hills. Lake Louisa, is the largest of 13 lakes which include Hammond Lake and Dixie Lake, where you can spend the day fishing, canoeing and kayaking.

Wherever you stay, whatever you do, you are sure to go home with some great tales to tell when you spend your winter in Orlando – Kissimmee.

Share what else you can do in Orlando-Kissimmee in the comments below!

Golf During the Winter at ViewPoint RV Resort


ViewPoint RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona features both an 18-hole championship and a 9-hole executive course that will satisfy players of all abilities. The par 71, 6,374-yard Championship Course, opened in 1996, provides a fair test without the extremes of desert target golf. Relax and enjoy the tree-lined fairways, immaculate greens and strategic bunkering of the courses.vp

The sounds of rippling streams or cascading waterfalls will remind you why you play the game. If you’re a beginning player or you’re working on your short game, you’ll love our 9-hole executive course. This is a great place to take the youngsters or to enjoy a quick nine when time is short.

“This is traditional golf,” says Frank Samprone, the Director of Golf Operations, “it’s not overwhelming for the average player, but it still provides a good degree of challenge for the better player. Our pace of play is _15a5365-1excellent. An 18-hole round rarely takes more than four hours. It’s also a great course to walk.”

If you’re looking for an equipment upgrade, the Viewpoint ProShop carries full lines of clubs, equipment, accessories, and fashionable men’s and women’s golf apparel.

_15a4854-1ViewPoint’s golf facilities also include Fat Willy’s Clubhouse Pub & Grill, with spacious banquet rooms and a quaint little bar and grill that will surely quench your thirst or appetite before, during or after your round on the links. The Terrace Green Event Center with its elegant decor and stunning scenery can be the perfect setting for any group event including: weddings, receptions, golf outings, and social gatherings.

Visit the ViewPoint  golf website for tee times, course information, and more:

Space Coast RV in Florida Is An Ideal Winter Getaway for Snowbirds


Lounging on a warm sandy beach has its greatest attraction when the home weather reports tell of howling winds, and roads closed with snow and ice. It’s time to smile, happy that you chose Florida’s Space Coast for the winter.

If you are seeking miles of sandy beaches, or thinking about visiting the site of the Kennedy Space Centre, then you might select Space Coast RV Resort, part of the Encore family of  RV Resorts. Located in Rockledge, this resort is handy to the sea, with its promises of sun and surf, and the big fish that got away. The inner coast is protected by long barrier islands protecting the inner waters from the brunt of the sea.

This town of 25,000 is small enough for quiet enjoyment, yet big enough to have the necessary shops for your supplies. Groves in the Indian River region are considered to be the best for sweet, juicy citrus, which is something to think about on one of your exploration drives. Many of the smaller streets are lined with tall trees that overhang the roadway offering pleasant driving experiences and, and of course, a drive along the water will reveal a large number of wharves pointing to a future adventure at sea.  

img_3045_wrThese are also places to photograph some terrific morning sunrises. Imagine, a brilliant red sun just emerging from the ocean spreading a yellow path across the rippling water, flaming the broken cumulus clouds above with crimsons, pinks, and yellows to contrast with darker shadows in the clouds. Unbeatable! This has to be one of the best places to get those special sunrise pictures.

Space Coast RV Resort’s administration A-frame building shows its heritage from an earlier era. The streets are paved and marked with one-way arrows to help keep you heading toward your campsite. There are 149 mobile homes and 118 RV sites. Some of these are back-in sites and nicely shaded with mature oak, and pine trees. RVs fit easily on gravel pads next to the picnic table and grassy lot. Dogs are welcome, but there is a size limit.

After a day sightseeing you’ll feel like relaxing, perhaps with a game of horseshoes, or maybe shuffleboard, and then cool down at the pool. After that, it’s time to place your lounge chair under the spreading limbs of a shady tree and lose yourself in a good book.

img_2961_wrYou shouldn’t lack for things to do. The Space Coast region has a large number of parks and walking areas. There are also many miles of bike trails. Just an hour west of the Resort is Disney World, which is still a great tourist draw and a great outing for when the grandchildren visit. Not far away to the east is the Kennedy Space Centre with much to see and do. There are several top notch golf clubs in the area as well.

Many people drive to the historic community of Cocoa. It was founded in 1860 and still has many of its original buildings. There is a self-guided tour, and those with smartphones can scan the QR code on the building’s front, and learn about the history. It’s a relaxing day with plenty of places to rest and have a meal.

Big attractions for fishermen are the numerous Port Canaveral fishing charters that provide half-day or full day, action on the sea. Just bring yourself. The gear, snacks, and fun are provided. If you don’t want a charter, numerous small fishing boats are available, or you can just fish from a pier.

Port Canaveral is a stop for many large cruise ships and is a good place to book short cruises, three to fifteen nights, ranging to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Port Canaveral also brags about its beach with its miles of sand, and views of dolphins, turtles, and manatees.

The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, located near the Kennedy Space Centre, is a huge protected area that provides both hiking, and driving trails. The opportunities are great for seeing a large variety of img_3295_wranimals in terrain that ranges from saltwater marshes, to higher treed areas, and also sand dunes. Bobcats and deer, and even the Florida panther are some of the species you may be lucky enough to encounter.

Long time resident Linda says, “Space Coast RV is a hidden treasure in Rockledge. We have been coming here for 17 years. There is so much to see and do, to name a few things, Cocoa Village, beautiful beaches, and the wild life sanctuary. If you like shopping, or golf, they have it all,  very close and convenient. Such a wonderful place.

Good weather with lots of sunshine, and a myriad things to keep you busy. These all add up to a fine way to spend the winter.

Until November 15, 2016, book a 3 month seasonal stay at Space Coast RV Resort and pay just $763/ month! To book, call 904-257-8434 and mention promo code EBSC16