The Ultimate Roadmap for Your 30 Days in Arizona!

Although Arizona has many RV resorts throughout the state, most of them are age-qualified (which means they’re for guests 55+), which is why the state is famous for the snowbirds who flock here every winter from Canada and the colder northern states. However, it is just as majestic and full of life in the spring, summer, and fall.

Regardless of when you visit, you’ll have more than enough to fill 30 days in Arizona if you plan your trip with our roadmap to the Grand Canyon state. Just remember that if you’re a young family ask if the campgrounds that you plan to stay at are age-qualified or family-friendly.

We’ll travel from the south east of the state, up through Phoenix, to the Grand Canyon, and then back down, stopping at a location that might surprise you, before catching the 3:10 to Yuma in the south west.

Tucson (Days 1-5)

We’re starting in the southeast of the state because this route is the best way to see the full variety of Arizona’s surprisingly diverse geography, but it also fits in nicely with a cross country drive. Coming from El Paso Texas you would take Highway 25 clear across the bottom of New Mexico to arrive in Tucson.

If you have your heart set on Albuquerque then it may be better to travel through Arizona from North to South, but we definitely recommend making the extra effort to see Tucson.


Well, at just over half a million people, Tucson has all the amenities of a big city while still maintaining a small town feel – all set in a stunning location.

Where to Stay

Voyager RV Resort is perfectly located to provide you with an opportunity to see everything Tucson has to offer, but you might find yourself reluctant to leave the resort. When they say ‘resort’ they mean it. Voyager has everything that an RVer could want and more including: a pool, bocce ball, billiards, golf, pickleball, a spa and sauna, and a clubhouse (just to name a few amenities)

What to Do in Tucson

The Black Hill

The name Tucson is derived from a Native American word meaning ‘at the base of the black hill’ and one look at Tucson explains why. The city is located at the base of what is now called Sentinel Peak which is primarily made of dark volcanic rock known as basalt. It not only makes for a great backdrop, but also for hiking and a view of the city as well.

Alpine Forests and Skiing

Yes, you read that right! Often when people think of Arizona they only think of barren desert, but Tucson is located high on a plateau and Mt. Lemmon which sits north of the city is so high that it is home to an alpine forest!

In the winter months there is even skiing in the Mount Lemmon Ski valley. This is also a good time to stress that, because of its altitude, it sometimes snows in Tucson so if you are looking for a mid-winter escape from the cold, look elsewhere in the state.

Explore Nature

Tohono Chul (a garden bistro), the Tucson Botanical Gardens, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and Saguaro National Park East and West (home to thousands of Arizona’s most famous cacti) make Tucson a nature lover’s paradise.

To escape the heat you might want to venture down below ground to explore Colossal Cave Mountain Park or Kartchner Caverns State Park.

Phoenix – Mesa (Days 6-12)

Less than two hours from Tucson is the capital and largest city: Phoenix.  Over 16 million people flock to Phoenix every year and it is no secret why: Like the mythical creature it is named after Phoenix is hot. If sunbathing is your goal then there is nowhere better in the US. and sits at the centre of what is called ‘the valley of the sun’.

Where to Stay

Mesa Spirit RV Resort is popular because of its large size – with over 1600 spaces and all the amenities of a traditional campground (including three pools, hot tubs, fitness, mini-golf, tennis courts and a banquet hall) there are lots of activities going on here. In fact, with event coordinators on site 24/7, this resort is a good place for a long-term stay.

Monte Vista RV Resort at the base of Superstition Mountains is one of the few all-aged RV parks in Arizona. This campground is huge, with its own coffee bar and lots of sports and activities to keep you busy. But with its spectacular mountain backdrops, it’s likely that you’ll want to sit back and enjoy the view.

ViewPoint Golf & RV Resort  is also located in popular Mesa, Arizona, and boasts a well-maintained golf and RV community set at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Just outside the Tonto National Forest, Viewpoint offers scenic views that can be enjoyed from your on site RV or mobile home.

What to Do

Montezuma’s Castle and Montezuma’s Well both provide a unique (and breathtaking) look into the lives of the native population that once dominated the area.

Lake Havasu is home to London Bridge…yes that London bridge, an entrepreneur named Robert Paxton McCulloch purchased the old london bridge, shipped it brick by brick and rebuilt it on the lake (a rumour claims that he thought he was buying the iconic Tower Bridge but locals deny this myth).

Phoenix is a sport lover’s mecca. You’ll find the Phoenix Suns (basketball), Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball), Phoenix Coyotes (NHL), and Arizona Cardinals (NFL) here. Tonto National Park is just a short drive away, as is Sonoran Desert National Monument.

Flagstaff Arizona (Days 14-23)

Flagstaff  is in close proximity to some of the most amazing sites in the entire United States. Not bad for a town of just over 70,000 in northern Arizona.

Where to Stay

The best place to stay near Flagstaff is definitely Verde Valley RV Resorts, best known for its expansive desert and mountain backdrops. Situated on the Verde River, this 300-acre oasis in the high desert of Arizona, this resort has it all – the majestic beauty of the Red Rocks to the north, Mingus Mountains to the west, the Hackberry Mountains to the south and it is adjacent to beautiful Alcantara Vineyards (perfect for an evening of wine-tasting)!

While you’re here make sure you take advantage of the kayaking and make time for a scenic drive through Sedona. It’s the perfect place to stop along I-17 whether you are heading south to the sunbelt or driving home. Temperatures range from 8C (46F) to 26C (78F) from early fall through to late spring. There’s plenty of sunshine and warm weather here to go around.

The Grand Canyon

Ask anyone what they know about Arizona and more often than not they will bring up the Grand Canyon. This natural wonder of the world is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide in places, and over a mile deep. Camping in Grand Canyon National Park is available and probably the best way to make the most of this amazing site.

The Pueblo considered the canyon a holy site, and even if you don’t share their beliefs you will immediately understand why. Seeing the Grand Canyon is a truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Meteor Crater

Often overshadowed by the Grand Canyon, Meteor National Park is relatively close to Flagstaff. Although not as big as the Grand Canyon, it is just as impressive in its own right. At over 3,700 feet wide and 560 feet deep this 50,000 year old impact site is remarkable to behold. The meteor which caused this massive impact is believed to have been made of nickel-iron and was over 160 feet across.

Lowell Observatory

One of the oldest and most important observatories in America, the Lowell Observatory has become a tourist attraction for scientists, science lovers, and people just passing through. Lowell is where Pluto was discovered, and despite first being established in 1894, it is still in operation as an observatory today.

Yuma (Days 24-30)

Yuma is in the far southwestern tip of the state of Arizona bordering Mexico and California, making it the perfect place to stop if you are headed to the Golden State. Yuma may not have the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the natural beauty of Tucson, or the big-city attractions of Phoenix, but if you came to Arizona for the weather then this is the place to be.

Yuma is the driest, the sunniest, and the least humid place in the contiguous US. It also boasts the most days with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees fahrenheit or more – 175 days a year to be exact – and claims to be the sunniest place in the world with sun during 90% of daytime hours.  

Where to Stay

Yuma’s weather and location make it a popular destination which is why there are so many RV resorts here. Araby Acres is one of Yuma’s most popular campgrounds because of it’s beautiful landscapes, but you’ll also find beauty and lots of amenities at Desert Paradise RV Resort; Foothill Village RV Resort and Mesa Verde Resort.

What to Do

The Imperial National Wildlife Refuge stretches along the Colorado River and offers sites of both desert and wetlands, making it a prime spot for anyone interested in hiking, bird watching, fishing, or boating.

Gateway Park offers beaches and a relaxing, lazy river environment for families who want to spend some time communing with nature. If you’ve got a dog, they’ll love spending some time here!

The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is a historical tribute to the Yuma Crossing, and also offers a number of beautiful parks and historic walking areas.

The Camel Farm is a great place to see camels, yes, but also a wide variety of animals. Kids will love the petting zoo, and nature lovers will enjoy a chance to see water buffalo in their natural habitat.

Whether you’re headed home after your stay in Yuma, or you’re off to explore Mexico or California, you’ll be glad you took the time to enjoy the beauty and weather of this historic location.

Make This Trip Your Own!

This itinerary is just a starting point. Whether you choose to follow it, or create one of your own, if you’re looking for tips about where and when to visit Arizona, give our customer service team a call at 1-877-570-2267 or visit for more information.

Visit the Mesa-Phoenix Area & Explore the Beautiful Southwest!


Looking for a new winter home away from home? Well the beauty of the Arizona desert, its splendid colors, the unique flora and fauna, and the purple mountains will have snowbirds rethinking their tropical migration.

Winter temperatures in the Mesa-Phoenix region are comparable to the temperatures in Daytona Beach. Though Arizona also has a reputation for having the most stunning sunsets in the United States. But we’re going to cut the comparisons there because Arizona’s Mesa-Phoenix region has enough natural beauty and unique attractions to put it in a league of its own!


Golf is a popular pastime in Arizona and Viewpoint RV and Gold Resort offers both an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole executive course. The 18-hole course is a par 71, with hazards that demand strategic play, and four sets of tees to accommodate all skill levels.

viewPointWhat makes this course and resort special is its location at the base of the Superstition Mountains. So while you golf you will also be able to enjoy a breathtaking, panoramic mountain view.

Non-golfers can take in the scenery while hiking, biking, or walking along dry river beds through local parks. This age-qualified resort has it all, and is prepared to assist senior guests so they can fully experience all the perks that an active lifestyle has to offer.

Cactus League

In spring Major League Baseball comes to train across from the Mesa-Phoenix area. You can take in pre-season games between teams from the western divisions, including the World Series Champions the Chicago Cubs.

In fact, the Mesa Spirit RV Resort is less than a 20-minute drive from Sloan Park, which hosts the Cubs in spring. Mesa Spirit is also about a ten-minute drive from the Oakland Athletics springtime home: Hohokam Stadium.mesaSpirit

For sports fans it’s just a short trip into Phoenix to catch the Phoenix Suns play. Canadian hockey fans can travel a little farther if they want to catch the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale at the Gila River Arena. Keep your eye on the schedule —you may even be able to see your favourite Canadian team live in action!

Arts and Culture

The Seyenna Vistas RV Resort is minutes away from both downtown Phoenix and the Mesa Arts Center, which makes it a great home base for those exploring the rich culture of America’s southwest.

The area is home to a plethora of museums, galleries and historical sites where you can seyennaVistasabsorb the local culture and history. At the Mesa Arts Center, you can attend a variety of performing arts from music to comedy to theater, or visit the center’s museum which houses exceptional pieces of regional, national, and international contemporary art. Some snowbirds take advantage of their long stay and choose to take a class (or two) at the Mesa Arts Center.

Sports and Leisure

Arizona’s temperate winters make it ideal for active snowbirds who want to enjoy their favourite pastimes all year round. Monte Vista Village RV Resort has the facilities for you to swim, play tennis, pickleball, volleyball, shuffleboard, and horseshoes.

Nearby you will find opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the desert. Saguaro monteVistaCanyon, Roosevelt Lake, and Apache Lake are picturesque surroundings you won’t ever tire of exploring.

Monte Vista Village Resort is pet friendly, which means you can bring your faithful companion(s) with you to enjoy the scenic lakes and rugged mountains.

Enjoy all the attractions Mesa-Phoenix has to offer

Casino Arizona has all the excitement, food, refreshments, and games you’d expect and is located in Scottsdale, just outside of a number of Mesa-area resorts.

It’s hard to get a full sense of the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and Mesa-Phoenix area without visiting the Desert Botanical Garden. Along its trails you will discover the unexpected diversity of desert flora.

Another beautiful, but unexpected, attraction is Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights. This “jewel in the desert” is a local curiosity. Built in the 1920s, many people wonder why and by whom. The best way to learn the story behind this wonderful building is to visit, but be warned you will need to book your tour ticket well in advance.

There’s no doubt that this majestic desert has something for everyone, which is why it’s a popular destination for RV’ers and Canadian snowbirds.

If you’re interested in visiting the Mesa-Phoenix area, let us know in the comments section!

Mesa Spirit – The Mega RV Resort with Down Home Hospitality in Arizona


RVers know it’s a treat to find an RV resort that offers great amenities and activities and has the feel of a close-knit community. At Mesa Spirit RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona, they have it all: 1,667 spaces with full hookups and a seasoned, friendly staff. Thousands of returning visitors call this their home away from home.

Everyone Welcome!

Travel 30 minutes SW of Phoenix, just west of the stunning Superstition Mountains and you’ll find Mesa Spirit RV Resort. This age-qualified community is pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your fur kids behind. You’ll see all shapes and sizes of RVs here from camper vans to big rigs. For those who don’t want to make the drive down, Mesa Spirit has homes for rent and for sale. And, it’s only 25 minutes from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway International airport. Being a snowbird has never been easier!

Sense of Community

Bernice Gruchalla is a snowbird who has come to Mesa Spirit every year for the past 43 years. “The people here are fantastic,” she said. “I’m 103 and the weather is great and the activities keep me very busy. I enjoy taking the bus tours to the casinos.” Bernice loves the sense of belonging she has at Mesa Spirit. “People know me. It’s like living in a small
town It’s great to see the same people every year. I know most of the staff and residents. It’s the best park in valley.”mesaspirit_5-1

Lyse Dorrington is a Canadian from Victoria, BC who comes to Mesa Spirit for five to six months of the year and has for the past 16 years. “I don’t have a car,” she said. “I fly in and take the light rail system and buses everywhere. The park takes us out twice a week
to get groceries. I bought my place in 2001 and I love the weather, it’s almost always sunny.” Lyse is also one of the volunteers at Mesa Spirit. “I run the Mahjongg and Euchre games every week. I’m also the librarian. We lend books on a trust system. You know your neighbors here. You feel part of the community and you can be as social or as private as you want. There’s always free coffee and really nice people in the main office.”

The Great Outdoors

One of the great things about Arizona in the winter, is being in the great outdoors. The Grand Canyon is a four-hour drive away and makes for a great road trip. For something closer to home, take a hike at Usery Mountain Regional Park, a short 25-minute drive from the resort. The lower trails here are great for hikers of all ages and abilities.

Riverview Park is 15 minutes from the resort and has a Community Fishing Program, which means you can fish to your hearts content or four trout and four catfish a day, whichever comes first. Riverview is also the spring training facility for the Chicago Cubs.

Golf Anyone?

For some, Mesa, AZ is a golf mecca. Beginners and pros alike flock here for the courses and the breathtaking views. A backdrop of blue skies and mountains makes your day on the course even more memorable. Golf once a week or once a day, there are enough courses here to keep you busy. If you don’t want to drive, the resort has a golf simulator.img_2381-1

Some of the courses within 30-minute drive of Mesa Spirit Resort include the famous Las Sendas Golf Club, as well as Longbow, Dobson Ranch, Kokopelli, Toka Sticks, Superstition Mountain, Apache Creek and Painted Mountain. You can also visit ViewPoint RV & Golf Resort, a sister Encore property that boasts an 18-hole championship and a 9-hole executive course that will satisfy players of all abilities.

Get Out and About

Mesa was made for getting out and about and having fun. Go soaring high in the Sonoran skies in a hot air balloon, or skydive from 10,000 feet! There’s even indoor skydiving. Hop on a bike, or the back of a trusty steed, or jump in a Jeep or Hummer and tour the area.

For something more laid back, head out wine tasting, take a boat cruise, visit the Phoenix Zoo or tour the Desert Botanical Garden. There’s an olive mill for great olive oils and plenty of area farms where you can buy everything from peaches to pumpkins direct from the farmers. Ask about the Fresh Foodie Trail.

Shop until you drop and then head to the spa! There are several great places to shop here. There are malls and downtown Mesa has several unique boutiques and shops as well as salons and spas. As for casinos, there are at least 10 within an hour of Mesa Spirit

Resort Activities

Choose from over 30 activities at the park. Join a sports league, take yoga, join a pickleball or bocce league. Try your hand at silversmithing, singing, water aerobics, tai chi slider_aquabelles-2-1. . . the list is almost endless.

Cathy Quintero, Activities Director, makes sure there’s something for almost everyone here. “We have dances every couple of weeks,” she said. “Happy hour is every Tuesday and we make homemade pizza and sit out by the pool. Everyone comes to the country store too. It’s like a flea market with handmade crafts and food. Everyone loves to buy trinkets, and sit around and eat while they hobnob with friends.”

As for events, tribute artists, comedians and entertainers are brought in on a regular basis.


Amenities can make or break your RV experience. At Mesa Spirit, you’ll find a fitness
center, swimming pools, whirlpools/spas/hot tubs, laundry facilities, horseshoe pits, a mesaspirit52-1ballroom and banquet hall, a library, tennis and pickleball courts, mini-golf, and much more.

It’s all you really need to make your RV stay feel like home.