Discover the Top 8 RV Essentials!

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There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there for RV vacations, but we’ve put together a list of the most basic of RV essentials for those who are just getting started.
RVs are an amazing way to vacation.

With transport and accommodation combined comes a whole host of great benefits – freedom, flexibility, adventure, affordability and more. Of course, they also require a bit of insider knowledge. If you’re new to it, or are renting, it can be a little overwhelming – so we’ve put together a list of RV must-haves to get you started on your journey! Adding these simple, invaluable items to your packing list will have you road tripping like a pro in no time.

1. A First Aid Kit

We’re off to a fairly obvious start, but a kit of basic medical supplies is important. The kit should include all of the usual supplies, plus any special individual requirements like an epipen. If you’re heading to more remote areas, you might want to include a few survival items: emergency blanket, snacks, maybe even flares.

2. Non-slip matting

This has no end of uses in an RV. Bring pre-cut mats or a roll of material, and a scissors to cut them to size so you can give multiple surfaces the non-slip treatment. Where should you put it? Anywhere you might want to leave loose items: shelves, cupboards, tables, benches.

3. Dust pan and brush

There’s not much worse than a big mess in a small space! With so much flow between indoors and outdoors, an RV’s floors get dirty quickly. Hauling the vacuum out is bothersome but a dust pan and brush is perfect for spot cleaning.

4. Flashlight (and spare batteries)

Bring one for each person, so everyone can keep it within reach for night-time toilet trips. Not only does it light your path outside, it also lets you get out without waking everybody else by turning on the lights. A lantern might come in handy too, for al fresco dining and socializing.

5. Clothesline

A place to dry your wet things is essential camping equipment. You won’t want damp clothing spread out inside, so take any opportunity to get them out in the sun and air. There are some very advanced contraptions available, but a piece of rope is simple, effective and easy to fit into your luggage.

6. A GPS

Getting lost can be a bit of an adventure when you have no other plans, but if you have made any kind of bookings, it’s a pain. Phones are useful on short local trips, but if you are going anywhere remote or heading overseas, a GPS is definitely the way to go.

7. Games

Evenings in the RV are the perfect opportunity for some friendly competition. A TV is very much an optional extra, but a pack of cards could be considered an essential. Avoid games with many small pieces that could get misplaced and stick to the basics – charades is a good one that requires no gear.

8. A camera

The experiences and the memories they create are the best part of an RV trip, and you will certainly want to record a few of them. For some people, a smartphone will do. Others might feel the need to bring an SLR and a GoPro too. Whatever your photography preferences, make sure you don’t forget a camera!

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Story courtesy of Snowbirds & RV Travelers Magazine