Meet Barb From Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, Florida



  • Name:  Barb Stanze
  • In position since: September 2012 at Southern Palms,  with Encore RV Resorts for 21 years
  • Title:  General Manager
  •  Work Location:  Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, Florida
  •  Favorite Activities: Traveling to new places and spending time with my family and grandkids.
  1. How does a typical day at Southern Palms look like?  What is your favorite moment of the day?  Southern Palms is a special mix of long term guests that have been coming for years to our property and short term guests visiting our area for the first time.  The mornings are filled with our long term guests stopping in to say hello and handle whatever business they have that day.  The afternoons are filled with our new arrival check ins.   I really enjoy the check in period of the day,  between 1pm-3pm when our guests start to roll in and we hear their stories about traveling to our location.
  1. You are working, while people at the resort are enjoying their vacation. How do you handle that?   It makes me feel very satisfied that I have provided an environment for our guests to enjoy their vacations and to see them having a good time at the resort is a real pleasure for me.  I try to make time to visit with our guests IMG_3390during a portion of my day to see how they are doing and ensure they are having a good time.
  1. When people ask you what the best experiences are in the surrounding areas, what would you recommend?  By far, the most popular area to visit is historic Mt Dora, which is about 10 minutes from our property.  We  recommend this area to spend a day and have lunch.  Eustis is a great area for walking along the water, as there is a long boardwalk to utilize.  Bird watching is popular along this area.  We have a weekly Farmers Market right next door and we encourage guests to walk over to this on Thursday to see what the local vendors are selling and get fresh local produce!  Disney attractions are only 45 minutes away,  so we have many people visit that are going to these attractions but did not want to fight the crowded conditions of a big city.  You can get to either coast for a day trip to the beach from our location.  Pack up a lunch and see the beautiful sandy beaches .
  1. What’s your favorite story to tell about your time at Southern Palms?  Southern Palms is an older Airstream campground that was originally owned by the City of Eustis.  I have photos of this era, dating back to the 1960s!  I enjoy sharing the history of the property with our guests.
  1. What’s your best accomplishment so far at the resort?  We have developed the IMG_3359largest rally destination at Southern Palms in Florida for the Encore portfolio.  Since we have over 950 sites, we are able to designate a section specifically for this business.  We have numerous rallies booked during the winter season and guests enjoy having their own clubhouse designated to their groups to use.  We host large regional rallies as well, successfully securing Good Sam State rally, Giant Rec World regional rally and National African-American RV Association (NAARVA) regional rally over the past few years.
  1. If had to describe your RV park to someone who thinks about coming to Southern Palms, what would you say?  This location has so much to offer and yet it is very laid back and relaxing!  Central Florida is convenient to both the East and West coasts and to the Disney attractions as well.  On site, we offer numerous activities for our guests to enjoy during their stay.  There is always something going on at our main clubhouse and we host dances every Saturday night during the winter busy season.  Staying in Central Florida is much more economical that the coastal areas which gives our guests more spending money to enjoy their IMG_3429vacations!
  1. What brought you to Southern Palms?  My husband and I have lived in Florida for 35 years.  We moved to the North Carolina area where I managed a  property for several years however we missed Florida so we decided to return when Southern Palms had a management opportunity open.
  1. Any last words for your current and future guests?  Southern Palms is wonderful RV resort and has so much to offer!  Since it is a large property, there is a site type for everyone, from the large RV coaches to the small pop campers.  The surrounding  area offers many festivals, art shows, flea markets, farmers markets and historical venues.  There is always something to look forward to!  The staff at Southern Palms is top notch and ready to serve you.  We are a friendly, laid back group and our goal is to offer the best customer experience possible to our guests!  Please check us out…  you won’t be disappointed!!

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